by Hilary.N, Diana.J,Mitchell.M,



1.Coal is the least expensive fossil fuel.

2.It’s easily transport to many area in the world.

3.Coal is easy to burn.

4.Coal is a reliable energy source.

5.Coal is affordable.

6.Coal is abundant.

7.Electric Energy that produce from coal is a reliable energy source.

8.Coal can be found a lot place in the world.

9.Coal Power Stations can be built anywhere where there is a plentiful. supply of cooling water and and good transport links.



1.Once it is gone it’s gone it is a non-renewable.

2. Coal strip mining creates lots of damage to habitats.

3.Mining for coal causes unstoppable damage.

3.Power Plants that run on coal because nearly 24,00 premature deaths. every year in the US alone, in which 2,800 are from lung cancer.

4. Leaves behind harmful remains which harm the environment.

5.It is dangerous to do explosions are very common.

6.Many die from coal mining every year from different reasons.

7.Coal contributes to the greenhouse effect.

8.Coal powered fire stations consume lots of fuel to operate

9.The equipment used for coal only works for around 8 years at most 10

What is Coal

Coal is a fossil fuel and it is made from plants and animals from long ago. The intense temperature and pressure under hundreds of thousands of pounds of rock, soil, and dirt, make it compress into coal. Coal is grey and black in color and is a sedimentary rock. It is useful when you need electricity and can be burned in a coal power plant. It is widely used because it is plentiful and cheap to get. but when it is burned it releases pollution. Not only that it is also a non-renewable resource, meaning that when there is none left, it is virtually never coming back because it takes millions of years to form. People get coal by opening coal mines that destroys hundreds of acres of land. It also pollutes the atmosphere when you burn the coal to get the electricity

How do you make electricity from coal - animated video
Coal Fired Power Plant - England