Brockett Elementary

Family and Community Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We are so glad to be back in the swing of things! We have lots of exciting things coming up this month, so this newsletter is a bit longer than usual. We have been correcting lots of email addresses, so hopefully, all of our new families are receiving this. There are still a few things I need you to help me with in the car line. Please stay off of your cell phones in the line. We want to make sure that all of our students make it to their cars safely.

In Partnership,

Ms. Siggers

Big Kahuna Fundraiser

We have kicked off our Big Kahuna Fundraiser. Packets went home yesterday in your child's Tuesday folder. We will use the funds to purchase Indoor Recess activities, purchase new materials for our new Science Lab, as well as fund various other projects around the school. We truly appreciate your support!

Here is the link to access the products online.

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Dress Code

Please make sure that your child is in Dress Code daily. Some of the things we are seeing are shirts without collars, printed leggings, plaid shorts, and shorts that are more than 3 inches above the knee. We are addressing violations as we see them, so you may see a note come home or receive a phone call from us if your child is out of dress code.

Lunch Information

You can complete the Free and Reduced Lunch application here or pick one up in the front office. Please say goodbye to your students in the cafeteria after having lunch. Parents should not be in the classrooms after lunch.
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National Attendance Awareness Month

A note from Mrs. Askew:

Hello Fantastic Parents of BES!

We are so excited to be spending this year with you and your child! Having our halls filled with your kiddos fills my heart! This month is Attendance Awareness Month!

Throughout the year, I will be touching base with you about attendance. This seems to be a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page, and we are working together to help your child be the very best they can be!

Attendance will be a huge focus for us this year! For your child to have the best possible experience here at BES, we need them present everyday! Of course, if they are running a fever/vomiting, please keep them home! Because we never know how illnesses will affect your child's attendance (flu/strep/stomach virus), please avoid any unnecessary absences (vacations/extended weekends).

The state of Texas has 2 laws addressing attendance in public schools:

Compulsory Attendance [TEC 25.087, Policy FEA] This law has 2 parts:

  1. If a student is absent 3 or more days, or parts of days, within a four week period, then the district shall initiate truancy prevention measures.
  2. If a child is absent 10 or more days, or parts of days, within a six month period, parents of students under the age of 12 are subject to prosecution under Education Code section 25.093, Parent Contributing to NonAttendance.

What can you do to keep in compliance?

  • Always return all doctor excuses to the front office (dentist excuses too!) and/or email to Tera Murphy at
  • If you don't take your student to the doctor, but they are home sick, please write a parent excuse EACH time they are out. We can use 2 parent notes each semester to help keep your child in compliance.
  • When possible, make all doctor appointments after 9:30 AM. We take our daily attendance at 9:00 AM (Middle School and High School take their attendance every period, so this is different for upper-grade schools). If they are at school for the 9:00 attendance, they are counted present for the whole day! :)
  • Be mindful of the number of times you are checking students out during the day and/or arriving late, as this counts towards the "parts of days" your child is absent.

Attendance for Grade Level Credit [TEC 25.092, Policy FEC] Also known as the 90% Law

  1. Basically, this law states students can be retained if they are not in school at least 90% or about 18 days of the school year.

What can you do to keep your child in compliance?

  1. Avoid planning vacations/extended weekends during school days. We can never predict how illnesses will affect your child. This law DOES NOT make many allowances for avoiding the 90% expectation. Meaning, if a vacation is taken and an illness happens causing a student to fall below the 90% Rule, students are required to make-up the time outside of the school day. We will do our very best to be communicating attendance concerns, so we are able to avoid this all together! : )

We will communicate attendance issues by mail, requesting a meeting to discuss concerns and prevention measures. Please know these letters are just our way of keeping you aware of your child's attendance. Also, you may view your child's attendance in Parent Portal.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. I am happy to help in any way possible!

~Mrs. Askew

Assistant Principal

High Temps=Indoor Recess

Our students have been really enjoying the climbing wall that they worked so hard to raise money for!
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Coming Soon:

September 2 No School

September 3 Big Kahuna Fundraiser Kickoff at Morning Assembly (7:30)

September 3 PTO Meeting 6:00

September 4 Brockett Elementary Chick-fil-A Day

September 6 Grandparent's Lunch

September 10 Watch Dog Night 6:00-7:00

September 11-13 Fifth Grade Camp

September 13 BIG Friday begins!

September 18 Big Kahuna Orders due

October 2 Fall Pictures