Hello Owls...its J Owl....

Some info on your NEW BACK OFFICE.....

Read carefully....some good stuff

1) First, bring baking soda to every JB you hold! Why, you ask? Because you'll be like Superwoman when a guest shows up with a tarnished chain and chooses to show everyone right in the middle of the party, but you can take that chain,in front of everyone, and dip it in warm water and a little bit of baking soda and viola... tarnish vanishes! Our new line is made with a copper base so there's NO TARNISHING!

2) In order to avoid endlessly updating your mailing/shipping address to conform with the suggested address the back office gives you, copy that address in the error message and update your profile with it. Works great!

3) Items received with Hoot Loot are subject to sales tax. Hostess Exclusive, at this time, isn't....Grab those Hostess Exclusives!

4) The new Jewelry Bar (JB) tab is AMAZING!!! Here's a few reasons why... a) you can enter multiple JB guest orders and pay WHOLESALE for the entire JB with your Designer discount and still receive the Hostess Rewards. AND you can enter multiple payment methods as well when ordering wholesale. Can I get an amen! b) Your JB still needs to have 4 orders totaling $125 or more to qualify for group shipping to the Hostess BUT not all of those orders are REQUIRED to ship to the Hostess. You can have 3 orders ship to the guest directly (at $5.95 and up) and one to the Hostess and still be eligible for $4 on that order. c) The final breakdown when closing the JB shows you exactly what you should have made in commission on that JB.

5) The webinars are listed in the O2Lounge under blogs, browse blogs, then select a category. These are soo helpful!

6) To order business supplies (are you ready?)... go to Business Supply Order, close Quick Order Pad, scroll down to product search, go to the category menu, select the category you want (TOMS are in Business Essentials), click search, thumbnails should appear. Select your items and adjust quantity if needed, then click add to order. Check out. Done!