Open House Smore

By Jake Soriano Period 4

Earthquake PBL

In the Earthquake PBL Project, we had to build a home that can withstand an earthquake for Tony Stark as a team. The driving question in this project is "How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two-story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?". The first task we had to complete in order to answer the driving question was when we had to fill in a map about earthquake risks and where to build the home. Each person in the group had to create a design of what the house will look like in their ISNS and my design was a simple home. We used popsicle stick for walls and clay to fasten it in place and we failed the shake test. Then, the entire team modified the home with the less amount of damage and we finally passed it.

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

The Atmosphere 30 Hands Project was an individual project and I had to use two different apps to complete the project. The first app I need to use is Pic Collage and in Pic Collage we need to create 9 slides with pictures and information about climate change. Once my Pic Collage is complete, I can move on to 30 Hands. Before I use 30 Hands, I need to take notes about climate change and make a script for the project. Then, I make a short video showing all the information I gathered and upload and share it to Google Drive.

Invention Convention

The invention I invented in Invention Convention is called the Allergy Filter Mill. The enivornmental problem my invention solves are outdoor allergens like air, dust, and pet dander. It solves this problem by wind which produces electricity. First the blades begin to spin and generates electrictiy and then it sucks up all the allergens in tiny holes. The Allergy Filter Mill reduces these allergens in the air so people wouldn't show bad reactions to them.