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District Newsletter - Fall 2020

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Upper Adams School District's Mission and Vision is: All Students College and Career Ready.

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A message from our Superintendent, Wesley T. Doll, Ed.D.

Greetings Canner Nation:

Over a month of school has passed and October is upon us. We are excited to reopen our schools and welcome back our students and families. We send a special welcome our newest students to Canner Nation and we wish you the very best. The impact of COVID-19 has greatly impacted Canner Nation. Our highest priority during all of our planning efforts has and continues to be the health and safety of our entire school community. Our goal continues to be reviewing, implementing, and updating our district plans to keep our schools open this school year. We cannot do this alone and we need your help to maximize safe and healthy schools. Listed below are a number of things to do at home that will increase the chances of keeping our school doors open for students.

· Maintain physical distance from other people

· Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

· Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

· Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue (or elbow), then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands

· Stay home when you are sick, unless you plan to go for medical care

· Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

· When in public, wear a face covering over your nose and mouth (mask/face shield)

During the weeks leading up to the first school day, Wednesday, August 26, 2020 everyone worked hard to make sure we were ready for students. In most cases our students and parents elected to return to our reopened schools. In other cases, students and parents selected Canner Cyber Connection (Upper Adams School District’s Cyber School). Finally, some students chose other options as a result of COVID-19. Regardless of which method for instruction you selected, we are very pleased that you found a method you feel comfortable to begin instructional opportunities for the 2020-2021 school year. For those of you who we won’t see in our schools, we look forward to your speedy return in the near future. We miss you!

Included in this communication you will find some additional information to help explain efforts taken to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible. I wish each of you the greatest success during the 2020-2021 school year. We are all in this together and we will continue to work together while being optimistic for a potential return to the normal we once knew. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your child’s education, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s building principal. We will continue to work as a team to help each child become college and career ready.


Wesley T. Doll

How to Safely Wear and Take Off a Mask

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Daily Routines for Parents, Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

Symptom Monitoring (Prior To Arrival At School)

Home Assessment: Students/Parents and Faculty/Staff/Administrators should conduct a daily screening PRIOR TO LEAVING HOME. STAY HOME and report symptoms to the School Health Room or your Physician if you have:

1 or more symptoms:

Fever (100.0 degrees or higher)


Shortness of breath

Difficulty Breathing

2 or more symptoms:

Sore throat

Runny nose/congestion


New lack of smell or taste

Muscle pain Nausea or Vomiting



For updated information from the Upper Adams School District Nurses, please go to the district website at https://www.upperadams.org/ and click on the "Staying Safe Together" link to the "News From The Nurses" page.

Help Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19

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Celebrating our Staff, 2019-2020 Retirees

Cynthia Enanoria - 39 years of service

Patricia Fetrow - 27 years of service

Christine Hazlett - 26 years of service

Ann Wolfe - 14 years of service

Celebrating our Staff, 2019-2020 Years of Service Recognition

Five Years

Sandra Asper

Caroline Bruder

Colleen Gaston

Erika Long

Stephanie Moritz

Cory Spence

Jessica Yourishin

Ten Years

Shana Hallinan

Hannah Meeson

Rebecca Sayers

Ashly Wilkinson

Fifteen Years

Danielle Horner

Kimberly Jenkins

Bonnie Ott

Laura Ruck

Twenty Years

Dusty Dively

Juanita Gardner

Ann Gerlitzki

Beth Graham

Barbara Kistler

Bud Roth

Leigh-Kathryn Smith

Tracy Troutman

Twenty-Five Years

Brenda Butler-Robison

James Foster

Mitzi Orner

Stephanie Staub

Thirty Years

Theresa Fritz

Todd Fritz

Over Thirty Years

Marjorie Howery - 31

Michelle Miller - 31

Karen Peterson – 32

Sheri Tuckey – 32

Deborah Yargar-Reed - 32

Robert Baust – 33

Betty Warren - 33

Judy Pitzer – 35

Kathy Anthony-Gulden - 35

Jacalyn McAnlis - 36

Scott Howell – 36

Theresa Hardman - 36

Cynthia Enanoria – 39


Retired Colonel Guinn E. Unger takes great pride in this most generous recognition for two Upper Adams School District teachers.

The Unger/Stock Outstanding Teacher Award or known as Unger/Stock Teacher of Excellence Award has been made possible by the generous donation of Colonel Guinn E. Unger. Through a charitable trust established by Col. Unger and the late Mrs. Phyllis E. Unger, the Upper Adams School District has been able to perpetuate the long-standing tradition of recognizing outstanding teachers.

Col. Unger, a 1943 graduate of Biglerville High School, realizes the importance high-quality teachers played in his life and the lives of his children. In 1995, Colonel Unger encouraged the Upper Adams School District to institute the Guinn E. Unger Innovative Teaching Practices Award. This award, presented to one secondary and one elementary teacher each year, recognized the efforts to institute innovative teaching practices into the classroom.

Colonel Unger was a student of the late L.V. Stock, who was a teacher and administrator in the Upper Adams School District from 1923 through 1957. In 1985, the L. V. Stock Teacher of Excellence Award was formed through the generous contribution of Verna O. Stock, in honor of her late husband, Leslie V. Stock.

After nearly twenty years of honoring distinction in teaching through the L.V. Stock Teacher of Excellence Award, the tradition came close to extinction due to dwindling funds.

When faced with the possibility of losing the tie between the L.V. Stock name and teacher excellence, Colonel Unger agreed to support the initiation of a new award, combining the components of both the former L.V. Stock and Guinn E. Unger awards. Thus, in 2005, the Unger/Stock Outstanding Teacher Award was conceived. This is also known as the Unger/Stock Teacher of Excellence Award.

Past nominees of winners of the former L.V. Stock and/or Guinn E. Unger Awards are considered, when nominated, for this award.

During the 2014-2015 school year, Col. Unger made revisions to the Unger Foundation contributions for this award. Both Col. Unger and the representative from PNC Bank notified me that we will continue recognizing one elementary and one secondary teacher, and the new award has increased from $1000 each to $2000 each starting in June 2015. It is a distinct honor to present this award on behalf of Col. Unger.

All nominees will receive a letter signifying that you were nominated and considered for this prestigious award. Letters will come out in the near future.

This year's winners are:


Colleen Rebert

Biglerville Elementary School - Grade 3


Kathy Tyson

Biglerville High School - English

Again, congratulations to Colleen and Kathy!

2020-2021 Canner Fund Grant Recipient

We want to extend our thanks to the Canner Fund for presenting the 2020-2021 Canner Fund Grant to the Upper Adams School District. This grant was designated to help our district students with remote learning capabilities.

BHS Class of 2020 Award Recipients

We extend our congratulations to the following members of the Biglerville High School Class of 2020 on receiving the following awards and scholarshps.


Alumni Scholastic Award

Valedictorian: Noah Mattson

Salutatorian: Natasha Hurwitch

Upper Adams School Board Scholars

Noah Mattson, Natasha Hurwitch, Jillian Buchheister, Molly Griffith, Bridget Rutkowski, Victoria Heffner, Chandler Fee, Thaddeus Scace, Hannah Woodward, Colby Martin, Sarah Hardy, Sydney Trostel, Delani Smith, Sean Crook, Marco Sanchez

Honor Hoods for 96-100% Grade Average

Noah Mattson, Natasha Hurwitch, Jillian Buchheister, Molly Griffith, Bridget Rutkowski, Victoria Heffner, Chandler Fee, Thaddeus Scace, Hannah Woodward, Colby Martin, Sarah Hardy, Sydney Trostel, Delani Smith, Sean Crook, Marco Sanchez, Ryan Bell, Jordyn Hartsock, Madison Snyder, Nicholas Parker, Julia Haines, Jennifer Swartz, Erin Hurd, Marisol Rivera, Edward Reckard, Hanna Ryon, Colin Burke, Brayden Mickley, Katelyn Matthews, Abby Dubbs, Ashlyn Matthews, Kaley McDannell, Jessica Cromer, Kylie Kane, Aaron Orndorff

Honor Stoles for 92-95.9% Grade Average

Samantha Esquivias, Joshua Horner, Gracie Roberts, Gabriel Owings, Madison Ney, Hayleigh Smith, Delilah Garcia, Abigail Glassmann, Calista Dinges, Daniel Harman, Wyatt Kline, Marielena Acevedo, Erika Padilla, Abigail Rodgers, Cheyenne Sanders, Hailey Slusser, Phillip McDannell, Christopher Guillen Contreras

National Honor Society

Marielena Acevedo, Ryan Bell, Jillian Buchheister, Colin Burke, Jessica Cromer, Sean Crook, Calista Dinges, Abby Dubbs, Samantha Esquivias, Chandler Fee, Wyatt Fetters, Delilah Garcia, Abigail Glassmann, Molly Griffith, Christopher Guillen Contreras, Julia Haines, Sarah Hardy, Daniel Harman,

Jordyn Hartsock, Victoria Heffner, Allison Herring, Joshua Horner, Erin Hurd, Natasha Hurwitch, Kylie Kane, Wyatt Kline, Colby Martin, Ashlyn Matthews, Katelyn Matthews, Noah Mattson, Kaley McDannell, Phillip McDannell, Brayden Mickley, Mya Miller, Berenice Morales, Madison Ney, Melisa Orellana, Aaron Orndorff, Erika Padilla, Nicholas Parker, Edward Reckard, Marisol Rivera, Gracie Roberts, Abigail Rodgers, Bridget Rutkowski, Hanna Ryon, Marco Sanchez, Thaddeus Scace, Haley Sharrah, Blake Showers, Delani Smith, Hayleigh Smith, Madison Snyder, Jennifer Swartz, Sydney Trostel, Hannah Woodward

National Art Honor Society

Jillian Buchheister, Jessica Cromer, Myla Garber, Alejandra Garcia, Julia Haines, Jordyn Hartsock, Odalis Mancilla, Noah Mattson, Kaley McDannell, Berenice Morales, Luke Nickey, Melisa Orellana, Erika Padilla, Jennifer Periz Rivera, Marisol Rivera, Abigail Rodgers, Bridget Rutkowski, Julian Sanchez, Haley Sharrah, Hailey Slusser, Sydney Trostel

National French Honor Society

Marielena Acevedo, Colin Burke, Abigail Glassmann, Molly Griffith, Christopher Guillen Contreras, Jordyn Hartsock, Victoria Heffner, Lauren Herring, Erin Hurd, Natasha Hurwitch, Kylie Kane, Colby Martin, Phillip McDannell, Kaley McDannell, Melisa Orellana, Marisol Rivera, Marco Sanchez, Thaddeus Scace, Hannah Woodward

Senior Student Council Outstanding Service Award

Jillian Buchheister, Sean Crook, Abigail Glassmann, Jordyn Hartsock, Madison Ney, Bridget Rutkowski

Upper Adams Hall of Honor

Julia Haines

Upper Adams School Board Student Council Award

Madison Ney

Adams Electric Cooperative Scholarship

Hanna Ryon

American Legion Award

Noah Mattson, Sydney Trostel

Agricultural Mechanics Award

Nathan Farner

Arendtsville Vocational School Alumni Award

Brayden Mickley, Julia Haines

Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award

Colin Burke, Blake Showers, Sarah Hardy

The Berne C. Hart Award

Joshua Horner

Bill Wigglelance High School English Award

Noah Mattson, Natasha Hurwitch

Biglerville High School Art Award

Jessica Cromer, Marisol Rivera, Hayleigh Smith

Art Assistant Award

Abigail Glassmann, Haley Sharrah

Biglerville High School Business Award

Aaron Orndorff

Biglerville High School History Award

Thaddeus Scace, Erin Hurd

Biglerville High School M.S. Cline Scholarship

Daniel Harman, Hanna Ryon

Biglerville High School Science Award

Jillian Buchheister, Noah Mattson

Biglerville High School Technology Education Award

Ryan Bell

Biglerville High School Senior Yearbook Merit Award

Julia Haines, Madison Snyder

Bruce B. Sheats Math Award

Jillian Buchheister

Canner Awards Scholarship

Marisol Rivera

Chopin Piano Award

Abby Dubbs


French Winner: Natasha Hurwitch

Spanish Winner: Noah Mattson

Eric L. Black Memorial Award

Wyatt Fetters


Culinary Arts Winners

Dayana Candelario, Gracie Roberts, Blake Showers, Jennifer Swartz

Child Development Winners

Calista Dinges, Samantha Esquivias, Delilah Garcia, Odalis Mancilla,

Madison Ney, Dylan Ponce, Madysen Reese, Marco Sanchez,

Cheyenne Sanders, Alexandra Williams

FFA Agricultural Award

Blake Showers, Delani Smith, Jennifer Swartz

FFA Cecil R. Snyder Award

Brayden Mickley

Henry Barberis Memorial Scholarship

Calista Dinges

Iota Chapter Phi Beta Kappa Gettysburg College Award

Jillian Buchheister

Jeffrey Craig Bosserman Award

Noah Mattson

John Philip Sousa Award

Hannah Woodward

Kermit L. Jacoby Jr. Scholarship

Joshua Horner, Sydney Trostel

Keystone State FFA Award

Brayden Mickley, Delani Smith, Jennifer Swartz

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

Erin Hurd

Luella Musselman Paul Scholarship

Marisol Rivera

Marine Distinguished Athlete Award

Blake Showers, Delani Smith

Marine Scholastic Excellence Award

Sydney Trostel

Marine Semper Fidelis Music Award

Natasha Hurwitch

Meghan McKinney Scholarship

Erika Padilla

Mildred Walters Leader Memorial Award

Sydney Trostel

Mini-THON Outstanding Fundraiser

Julia Haines

Nathaniel Huettner Memorial Drama Award

Victoria Heffner, Hanna Ryon

Rotary Club of Gettysburg

Marisol Rivera, Hayleigh Smith

Ruth Evelyn Lupp Music Award

Victoria Heffner

Senior Self Improvement Award

Thania Angeles, Zachary Livingston, Matilyn McKelvey, Aaliyah Tyler

Scott Ebbert Trostel Memorial Award

Blake Showers, Julia Haines

Scott Taylor Graphics Award

Thaddeus Scace


Ag Winners: Brayden Mickley, Nicholas Wright

Tech Winner: Sean Crook

Thomas E. Arnold Scholarship

Jessica Cromer

Upper Adams Education Association Award

Delilah Garcia


Jaycee Winners

Owen Campbell, Delani Smith

Non-Jaycee Winner

Julia Haines

District Budget Information for Fiscal Year 2020-2021

For detailed information on the Upper Adams School District 2020-2021 Budget, please go to the district website at www.upperadams.org, Departments, Business and Finance.

Upper Adams Intermediate School Preparing for Students

We are excited to announce the opening of the Upper Adams Intermediate School (UAIS) where our 4th, 5th and 6th grade students came together for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. UAIS is the combined buildings of Arendtsville and Bendersville Elementary Schools and is located on the grounds of the previous Arendtsville Elementary School.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on September 4, 2020, with faculty, staff, administrators and board members in attendance. Our students began classes in the UAIS on September 8, 2020.

Mrs. Sonia Buckley is the principal at the intermediate school. The UAIS can be reached at 717-677-4300 or through the district main phone line at 717-677-7191.

Title IX: New Updates

On August 14, 2020 new regulations related to Title IX went into effect. The U.S. Department of Education established regulations under the gender equity law, Title IX, detailing what schools must do when confronted with sexual assault cases involving students. Over the months of June, July, and August, the administrative team reviewed district policies and received various legal overviews on the new requirements. Additionally, training for administrators who will serve specific roles as investigators, decision makers, or an appeal person were also completed in early August. A “Title IX Information” link is located on our District website for documents and other information. Updated policies are also posted on our district website upon board approval. Finally, Wesley T. Doll, Superintendent will continue to serve as the Title IX Coordinator for the District. His contact information is found on the district website at www.upperadams.org and it is also listed below:

Wesley T. Doll, Ed.D.


Upper Adams School District

161 North Main Street

Biglerville, PA 17307

717-677-7191, ext. 2751