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September 27, 2015

Last Saturday I participated in a virtual day of learning through The Educator Collaborative. I attended (from the comfort of my couch) an opening session with Penny Kittle, four different sessions throughout the day, and a closing session with Kristine Mraz and Christine Hertz. Of all the sessions, the one that spoke to me the most was the last one...and in this week's newsletter I share it with you. If you don't read or click on anything else, I really hope you'll take the time to watch this video! Start the video at 13:55...see I shaved off almost 14 minutes! :-)

Grades 3-5 teachers spent two days with Mike Ochs, TC Staff Developer, last week. I sense that everyone came away from those two days with new understandings and "ahas". I know I certainly did! Thank you to Crystal Boucher, Gayle Wolotosky, and Sara Martin who invited all of us into their classrooms.

Another reminder about my schedule:

MLS: Monday, Wednesday (all day)

DCS: Tuesday, Thursday (all day)

Fridays alternate between the two schools

Happy Reading!


A Mindset for Learning: Strategies for Joyful, Independent Growth

Closing Session - #TheEdCollabGathering 2015

Take a Peek....

Here's a peek into Kristine Mraz's kindergarten classroom through a blog post she wrote last week. What does this idea of mindset for learning look like in action? Kristi (and her co-teacher) offer ideas that I think are very transferable! I spent time in her classroom when I attend TC's Coaching Institute last year. It was awesome to see her work with students up close. What you saw in her video, what you read in this blog post, are what she does every single day. It's powerful!

Writing Masters: Keeping a Writer's Notebook

The Writer's Notebook has become a tool we ask children to use as a part of Writing Workshop. In this week's Heinemann blog series, The Writing Master's Series, Ralph Fletcher shares several benefits for teachers keeping Writer's Notebooks. This is something I started using this summer and find Ralph's ideas very helpful. You can find his post here.

Thank you to Molly Leding, 4th grade teacher at DCS, for sending this link to me.

Leverage Social Media

There are several great communities through social media that you might want to consider checking out. Teachers just like you are connecting with each other, sharing ideas, asking questions, and offering each other support/encouragement. Join a community. "Lurk" to see what people are sharing and asking. You may have the exact same question...or better yet...the answer someone else is looking for!

TCRWP Units of Study Reading FB Group

The Reading Strategies Book FB Group

Heinemann Professional Learning FB Group

You can also follow TCRWP (@TCRWP) and Heinemann (@HeinemannPub) on Twitter and Instagram.

Mike Ochs, TC Staff Developer Visits MLS

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