Death Penalty Webquest

Mr. Nichols Contemporary Issues

Social Controversies Standards

CI.10 Identify various contemporary religious perspectives on social issues.

CI.30 Evaluate the premises, claims, and evidence presented by various authors to compare and contrast points of view on a given current events situation.

CI.31 Assess the effectiveness of the death penalty.

A question to consider as you explore.

Revisiting the idea of life, how is this debate similar to the issues surrounding abortion?

Assignment for webquest

Based on your reading, viewing and listening, answer the following questions from both a pro and con viewpoint. Use evidence from what you learned to defend your response.

  1. Do we have the right to decide if someone lives or dies?
  2. Does the death penalty deter crime?
  3. Is it appropriate to execute someone who has committed murder? What about the idea of a life for a life?
  4. Should we have faith in our justice system to make the decision to sentence a person to capital punishment?

Once you have answered the questions, use them to write a defense of your assigned "side" of the issue. You must cite specific evidence in your argument, and you must try to convince someone that yours is the correct viewpoint.

Amnesty International Global Report on the Death Penalty

2014 Report--Includes world map

US executions from 1976-2015

Death penalty by US state

Death Penalty Video & Podcasts

Death Penalty and Politics

A video that examines the death penalty viewpoints of politicians and current presidential candidates.

Affluenza Teen

Latest news on the affluenza teen, Ethan Couch.


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