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Chihuahua Facts

Chihuahuas are vary lovable.They will love you and children.They will never get mad at you.If you can't have a big dog,a Chihuahuas will be perfect for you.They can adapt to any home.Chihuahuas have big personality's. If you want a dog you should get a Chihuahuas.

About Chihuahuas

Where did Chihuahuas come from?

Chihuahuas were named after Mexico.Mexico is the Chihuahuas original home .Mexican people were selling Chihuahuas to tourist . So they came to the U.S.A. in 1850.You can see them in Mexican paintings.Chihuahuas became popular in 1904.

What Chihuahuas can do.

Despite of how small Chihuahuas are they can help you.They will protect the house when you are not home.They will also protect you when they see a big dogs.People say that they can't do work for us,but they can.

Chihuahuas Health

Chihuahuas usually live to be 12-15 years old.When Chihuahuas stand on all 4 paws they 6-9 inches tall.In the winter they need to be covered in something warm.They need to be kept neat and clean.Grooming them is very important.Do not feed them to much or else they will get fat.2-6 pounds is the average weight for a Chihuahuas.Chihuahuas do not need much exersize.
Chihuahua Facts