16 Year Old Stabbed

By Morgan Ripplinger

Young 16 year old boy Andy had got stabbed, around 11p.m. He was found in a back ally by a guy named Jack.
The night this happened Andy was wearing a bright purple slick jacket, lettering across the back of the jacket read "THE ROYALS." Andy was trying to yell for help, but he seemed to have no voice.

There was blood bubbling from between his lips whenever he opened his mouth to speak. He was just silent in this pain, waiting for someone to find him.

He had a girlfriend named Laura. Andy told her he was going to get a pack of cigarettes. He had told her he would be back in a few minutes.

Andy's girlfriend Laura had found him somewhere after midnight. As soon as she saw him he was almost dead, but he did not know he was dying. She called the police right away. This was a gang related death. Andy will be missed by many.