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Clean living, one step at a time

Taking the First Step

Taking the first step toward something new is sometimes the hardest? Breaking bad habits can be a daunting task, including: cleaning up your eating, adding an exercise routine, getting organized, etc... I seem to give myself the Doom's Day date, like "I'll start on Monday." or "I'll be ready on the 1st." Honestly, that means, "I am going to continue the behavior that I recognize as bad for as long as I can." haha!

Since moving to Florida, my hubby and I have found ourselves on perm-vacation. That is awesome for my mental state, but terrible for my waist line! So this Monday (wink wink) I am going to start a clean eating program through Arbonne: 30 Days to Healthy Living. The cool thing is that you can join me! You can do this with or without Arbonne products by

1. Eliminating allergenic and inflammatory foods: Gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

2. Eating lean meat and lots of green veggies.

3. Drinking plenty of water.

Why is it a challenge to be good to ourselves? What steps are you taking to "clean up your act?"

Tools in my toolbox

Don't talk yourself out of the right choice ;)

My family really appreciates your continued love and support!