Pea Family

Rabbit's Foot Clover

What does it look like?

  • My flower head looks like a cactus.
  • The flower is mainly bubblegum pink and snow white.
  • The Rabbit's Foot Clover grows to about 4 -18 in. tall.
  • The leaves look like a bunch of beetles on a stick.
  • The flower itself looks like a bunch of lollipops sticking off a giant stick.

When and where does it bloom?

The Rabbit's Foot Clover blooms in dry fields, grassy banks.

It blooms from May -October.

It blooms in the Northeast and Southeast United States.

Interesting and Wow Facts

The Rabbit's Foot Clover's leaves are parted into three segments.

The Rabbit's Foot Clover is easy to identify by it's fuzzy leaves.

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