What really happened?

First Attack

In January 2015, Paris had its first terrorist attack. The attacks spanned over a time period of three days, 17 dead and many more fatally injured. The attacks were caused by the Islamic group named ISIS, who took responsibility for the attack on Twitter and in an anonymous video. All of Paris was secured after that, and for many days, shut down.

Second Attack

Friday, Nov. 13th, 9:15pm

Paris, France

Paris, IDF

In November of 2015, (the same year) Paris was attacked again. Several restaurants, a stadium and a theater was targeted. This act of terrorism left over 139 dead and over 433 severely injured. ISIS once again took responsibility on the morning of November 14, the day after the attack.

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What is ISIS doing now?

News reports and theories believe that ISIS is now planning an attack on Manchester, New England.