Theo Theodorakis

Coffee shop owner

I changed

In this passege Theo is not thinking about every one not him self. Here is were it is, "Thank you for coming. When the meeting is over you are all welcome to stay for a chess tournament. Meanwhile, I’d like to explain why my partner and partner and I...called this meeting. I don’t know about your clues, but our clues don’t make any sense.”The heirs stared at him with blank faces, no one nodded, no one even blinked. “Now then, if no two sets of clues are alike, as the will says, that could mean that each set of clues is only part of one message. The more clues we put together, the better chance we have of finding the murderer and winning the game. Of course, the inheritance will be divided into equal shares.”

My song

Why I chose the coffee song is it takes place in a coffee shop and it is about coffee. It is a ok song.
Coffee Song