Teaching With Technology

Year 2 DET: BLLS612 - Dionne Bennett



Below you will find links to:

  • The mother smore
  • Module essay
  • 5 e-tool resources along with a rationale and evaluation for each
  • Formative and summative feedback from my tutors



Instagram is an online mobile photo/video sharing and social networking service. it allows users to upload their videos (limited to 15 seconds) and pictures either privately for their connections to view or publicly for anyone to view. there is an option to like and comment on any photo or video and also be share through other social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


You Tube

YouTube is a world wide video sharing site where you are able to watch videos created by others and create your own videos. the site facilitates communities as it allows you to make a comment on any video. Anyone can create an account which allows them to subscribe to any video channel of their choice. Any new content the channel produces will appear in your subscription fees and you will be able to see what the creator of that channel is viewing and linking to. You can make a playlist of your favourite videos and you can give the playlist a name to remind yourself of the content.

E-Teaching Resource 3


Facebook is a free social networking site which requires you to register by creating a profile to become a user. The site allows you to upload photos/videos, direct message connections and post comments. There is also a search tool which allows you to look for friends, family or companies you want to stay in contact with. You will be notified of any photos/videos or status updates posted by your connections. The site allows you to post and keep track of events and join groups of interest. There are many tool-bars you can use to find out stuff like what is happening in a particular institution or personality indicator quizzes to develop self awareness. The website can be accessed from a PC or your mobile phone.



Kahoot is a website whereby anyone can create a collection of questions on any topic; which are then answered in real-time by as many number of players you choose. The creator has to login and upload the questions and the players then need to go on to the site using their mobile phones and enter a pin given to them by the creator which then links them to the question game. the players are given a specific amount of time by the creator to answer each question. The players are ranked after each question by the speed in which they answered. Players are automatically given the model answer and are able to see if they answered correctly or not.



Twitter is a social media platform which is used to instantly share information and ideas. you can customise the design of your page. You can write text, ask questions and upload links. Messages can only be 140 characters long and you can protect who sees your updates however, this limits your reach.

You can import contacts from any of your email accounts if they have a twitter account.

You can add basic demographics to help people to find you and you can also link a URL or a blog to your account. You can search for and follow others. You can direct tweet to a specific user by using the @ sign followed by their name. you can search for subjects you are interested in and discover what is trending. You do not need to have internet connection as you can access twitter via text message however networks may charge.

Anyone who follows you will be notified of anything you write/tweet. you can retweet what someone has written to share information with followers. you can respond to tweets and also highlight tweets which are your favourite.