Child Labor

Human Global Rights Violation

What is Child Labor?

Child labor is a human global rights violation in which kids skip school in order to go to a full time job, where they are likely to be enslaved.
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Where is this most common?

Most child laborers live in lower-developed or middle-east countries.

57 million child laborers live in Asia.

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Child labor causes many problems.

Children are forced to work in intolerable conditions.

Unfair Pay

Most child laborers are paid well-below the legal minimum wage.

Children are also forced into the jobs that no person would want to do.

Risks and Dangers of Child Labor

Most child laborers work in terrible conditions. There are many factors which contribute to injuries, sicknesses, and deaths.

Efforts to solve child labor

Most efforts to solve child labor have not been successful.

Some countries though, have taken the stop to ban child labor in their country.

Even though countries have banned it, most larger companies have paid them off to continue with child labor.

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What can you do to stop the cruelty of child labor?