SDG 13: Climate Action

The Importance of Climate Action on Canada

Physical Geographic Impacts

Impact on Canada

  • Forests expected to be some of the most vulnerable in the world ("Impacts of Climate Change")
  • Home to countless species and habitat ("Impacts of Climate Change")
  • Huge impact on Arctic ecosystems ("impacts on Climate Change")

Impact on the World

  • Arctic expected to be ice free ("Global Climate Change")
  • Sea levels will rise 1-4 feet by 2100 ("Global Climate Change")
  • Hurricanes will become stronger and more intense ("Global Climate Change")
  • Growing season will increase("Global Climate Change")

Human Geographic Impacts

Impacts of Humans On The Environment

  • Largest known contributor to climate change is the burning of fossil fuels ("How Do Human Activities Contribute")
  • General effect of human activities has been a warming influence (Solomon, S.)
  • Human impact on climate exceeds that due to known changes (Solomon. S)

Impacts of the Environment on Humans

• In 2005, 150,000 lives were claimed due to warming and precipitation trends (Patz, Jonathan A.)

• Can potentially drive disease (Patz, Jonathan A.)

• Can aggravate symptoms in vulnerable populations (Patz, Jonathan A.)

• Affecting availability and quality of water ("National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences")

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