Mrs. Rhodes' Newletter

February 3-7

Upcoming Dates

February 6-SECME/Writing Night 5:30pm

February 7-14 Book Fair

February 13-14 Sweetheart Luncheon

** On a special note, we are selling carnations for $2.00 for students to purchase or you can purchase one for your child. All proceeds go to our school's PBIS program that helps to promote positive behavior through positive reinforcement.

Happenings in 4th grade

For the Week of February 3-7:

Reading-this week we are revisiting text features and what the purpose of a text feature is.

Writing- we are finishing our narrative writings this week and they will be published and in the hall for everyone to see.

Math-in math this week we will start fractions. Fractions can be a hard concept to grasp. Encourage your child to complete to help reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.

Science-we will finish our unit on magnets and electromagnets this week. Your child will have a study guide to help them study for the test on Friday. If you study with your child, please sign the study guide and they will receive extra points on their test!!

Social Studies-we are continuing our unit on the Revolutionary War. The test will be next week.


Math-homework daily

Spelling-complete one activity each night- Friday-Wednesday- homework is due Thursday

Spelling Test on Thursday

Homophones Test on Friday

Text Features test on Friday

Science Test on Friday