Edition #39-June 6, 2016

SCHOOL's OUT FOR SUMMER!!!...almost so please read below...

Last STAR LIGHT of the 2015-16 School Year

It has been more than an honor to provide this Newsletter to the Wonderful Amazing South Staff this year! I so remember the one week my subscription ran out and I was a few days late sending it out but still did I thought! To my amazement no one received it. At our Book Study meeting, many staff members were mentioning things that could improve and there were staff members CRYING (not really) for the STAR LIGHT to return! I quickly turned to Lauren P. for technical assistance and clarification on whether she received this week's and she replied no...We fixed it and the rest is HISTORY...Every Sunday Night I love reflecting for a Staff that Appreciates a good Newsletter but more importantly it demonstrates the commitment a staff has to be the best for our students. Thank You for your hard-work and passion as we continually improve in the details, the planning, the collaboration, and most of all for your CAN DO spirit that embraces our motto of TEAM...Together Everyone Achieves More!!!
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Calendar Items

  • ALL DATA Due to Admin.
  • 1st grade to Bellingham Park
  • Kindergarten Beach Blast
  • 3rd grade Ashboro Zoo Trip-8-5:30
  • MIS Parent Night at 6:00 for rising 4th graders


  • 2nd Grade EOY Assembly from 10-11:30
  • 3rd Grade EOY Assembly from 1-3
  • Principal Team Meeting from 3:30-5:30


  • Early Release day at 11:00am
  • LAST DAY OF SCHOOL for Students
  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade EOY Assemblies 9-11
  • EOY ALL STAFF (Anyone reading this Newsletter also) Party from 1-4 at Blue Parrot Grill on the Lake!


  • Required Workday
  • Operations Luncheon 11:30-12:30 at MIS


  • Optional Workday


  • Monday June 13th STARTS summer Hours...7-5 for 12 month employees
  • M2H is June 13th-July 21st Monday-Thursday.
  • Tuesday June 14th EOY Leadership Meeting-8:30-3 and Wednesday June 15th EOY Leadership meeting 8:30-3.
  • June 14th is MGSD Board Meeting
  • June 23rd is PayDay
  • MGSD Summer Connection is July 19-21
  • MGSD Summer Institute is July 25-27
  • MGSD Curriculum Planning-July 27th 12:30-4 and July 28th 8-4
  • July 28th is PayDay
  • August 1-4th & August 8-11 is Jump Start for select rising Kinders
  • August 15th resumes Office Regular Hours 8-4:30
  • August 18th and 19th-Optional Workdays
  • August 22-26-Required Workdays
  • August 29th is First Day of School 2016-17 school year


​Registration for the 2016 MGSD Summer Institute is ​now open until next Thursday June 9, 2016. Visit the Summer Institute website t​o register and find additional information.​

​Classes do have a maximum number of participants and when that number is reached the course will no longer be available, so please sign up soon!

Professional Development CEUs

  • We are working to make sure everyone who attended data walls and the book study earn 1 CEU credit for each. Please go ahead and fill out a PD survey on the MGSD website (one survey per PD), if you attended. The names of the PD are South Data Walls and Teaching With Poverty in Mind.
  • If you did any extra work toward the Tech PD's in order to add up to 1 CEU, please turn that info into me or Lauren. This work will be added to the hours you attended Tech PD's to equal 1.
  • The dates:

    Data Walls: September 28, 29, November 16, January 28,29, March 21

    Book Study: Nov 4, January 6, January 20, Feb 10, Feb 24, March 2

Instructional Assistant Evaluations

If you have not turned in your TA Evaluation please do so by Monday. In our EOY staff meeting we announced these would be due by June 3rd.

Happy Birthday to our Summer Babies!!!

6/7-Heather Surgen

6/12-Cindy Teague

6/16-Sandra Matthews

6/17-Anna Alexander

6/21-Meredyth McDaniel

6/30-Angie Godbout

7/7-Sara Kiser

7/9-Cheryl Rogers

7/10-Kelly Compton

7/10-Erin Micklow

7/13-Donna Poteat

7/15-Reena Hathcock

7/22-Amy Judd

7/28-Meredith Capps

7/28-Lisa McFarland

8/1-Misty Loden

8/2-Megan Hannahs

8/3-Erin Parrott

8/10-Karen Rhyne

8/21-Christine Beaudoin

8/24-Kathryn McFarland

Quote of the Week!!!

"Don't count the days; make the days count." in honor of "the greatest" Muhammad Ali