Kindergarten Newsletter

March 27-April 3,2020

District Learning- La Educacion A Distancia

I hope all of you are doing well and are safe at home. We miss our students and can not wait to see them. For now, Thank you to all of our parents for being so supportive. The Kinder Team will be sending a newsletter once a week. It will help us stay in touch and keep us updated on any new information. Parents and students make sure you have signed up for See Saw and class Dojo. Another great tool is the classlinks page that you can access by logging on to our website You input your child's usename and password and it will take you to many wonderful programs that your child can use on any device. Once we finish our 20 day plan, we will be using the classlinks page more often.

Esperamos que todos se encuentren bien y seguros en casa. Este boletin semanal va ser otra forma de comunicacion para informarles de cualquier novedad que tengamos. Gracias padres por su apoyo y les pedimos que esten checando el class dojo de su maestra y See Saw. Otra heramienta util es la pagina de classlinks. La puede abrir por medio de nuestra pagina de internet Solo ponga el username y password de su hijo/a y puede usar muchas paginas de aprendisaje para los ninos. Cuando se termine el plan de los 20 dias la vamos usar mas frecuente.


Students tell us about your pet. Take a picture of your favorite pet and post it in your student journal on SeeSaw. If you don't have a pet, take a picture with your stuffed animals.

Estudiantes, tomense una foto con sus mascotas y ponganla foto en SeeSaw. Si no tienen mascota, pongan una foto con sus animales de peluche.

Here is a picture of the teachers with their pets.