Carl Gustav Jung

By: Romeo Reyes

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Biographical Facts

  • Full Name: Carl Gustav Jung (Er heißt Carl Gustav Jung)
  • Fathers Name: Paul Jung (Vaters Name ist Paul Jung)
  • Mothers Name: Emilie Preiswerk Jung (Mutters Name ist Emilie Preiswerk Jung)
  • Date Born: 26 July, 1875 (geboren am 26. Juli 1875)
  • Date Died: 26 June, 1961 (gestorben am 26. Juni 1961)
  • Birth Place: Kesswill, Switzerland (Kesswill, Schweiz)
  • Death Place: Kushact, Switzerland (Kushacht, Schweiz)
  • Occupation: Psychiatrist (Psychiater)
  • A Contemporary: Sigmund Freud


Carl Jung was a world renowned psychiatrist. He graduated with a medical degree from the University of Zurich, in 1902. Throughout his time there, he developed new aspects of psychology which included the process of individuation and also self-knowledge of "Becoming what you are."

Fun Facts

  • Carl Jung was friends the "father of psychology" Sigmund Freud.
  • Carl Jung lived with his wife Emma Rauschenbach on the Lake of Zurich; together they had 5 children.
  • Before his death in 1961, Jung founded the C.G Jung Institute in Zurich; which promotes and educates the advancement of psychology.
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