Through My Eyes of Media Literacy

The Good, the Bad, and the Worries

Media Uncensored?

When we think of media do we think of our twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts? Or do we think of the logical definition of media: the main means of mass communication such as television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet? Media is a part of our everyday lives whether we know it or not, and we tend to be addicted to it. That is why it is extremely important for us to be media literate, which basically means to understand/analyze the insides and outsides of media. Above all else media is rather important in our lives due to the fact that it strongly latches on to our 1st Amendment in both good and bad ways!

The positive aspects of media is that it has dramatically increased our awareness of what is going on throughout the world. Also media has stood as a platform allowing us to freely voice our opinions and feelings about those things going on today and in our past. Two more great additions that media has given us is fast and easy access to a variety of different things, and it has given us a source for inspiration. Thus being said we are able to log on to our computers, turn on the tv, listen to the radio, or read newspapers and know exactly what we are looking for.

Although the statements above are good aspects of media, they have a twist to make them bad. The media in itself is very addictive that once you’re hooked on it, you tend to forget many things other in life. This leads to an unhealthy lifestyle in which we see bad items as the media promotes them as good through falseadvertisement. That leads me to another point in which the information that we are given isn’t always truthful. We only see what we want to see and tend to look straight past all the provocative and harassment the media does. That is why I think that the media is a scandal that yes has increased our knowledge, but almost to the fact that we are brainwashed.


- an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one.
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Why dystopias are popular today...

Dystopias are very popular in today's society due to the fact that people are drawn into the dramatic conclusion that our world could be a better place. However, we don't see what is really going on in our world and tend to be ignorant when it comes to reality. With that being said, a dystopia catches us by our feet and gives people a sense of urgency to change and not let our world turn the story line into "real life!"
Budweiser USA: Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial | "Puppy Love"

Super Bowl Commercial Precis: "Puppy Love"

In Budweiser's commercial, "Puppy Love," (Jan. 29th, 2014), the company presents an emotion of love and compassion into their viewers and supporters. They convey this message by emotionally expressing the friendship between the Clydesdale Horse and the one and only puppy; like wise for our own friendships and how we would go through anything for each other. Budweiser displays this strong emotion between the two friends in order to adopt the same feelings for others while they drink a Budweiser beer; leading to an increase in sales. Not only does this company display a strong feeling of love and compassion amongst their audience, but they also threw in a song to make the feelings really hit more in the deep stuff to stand out as rather "touching" to their viewers.
Over the past years, social media has taken a large toll upon everyone with a cell phone, computer, iPad, iPod, etc. This toll has become an addiction for most people who don't seem to care about the here and now, and instead they are so dependent upon how many likes their picture gets, how big their friends list and ratio is, or even what others are simply posting. This has caused society to be ignorant toward the real world and what's going on right in front of them, but it's not set in stone, yet! This can be reversed if only we start today and try to spend less and less time on our phones each day. Don't check that twitter page when you first wake up, and instead go eat breakfast, drink a cup of coffee, or even go walk. Enjoy the world around you without being tied down to a screen. If we control this, which we can, then we will more than likely see a dramatic change in the way we interact with people. Our relationships will be better, closer friendships will be made, and our connection to the outdoors will be higher. However, if we do not control this, then we will continue to throw our lives down the drain and will soon not know what it's like to go on that date, go camping, have sleepovers, or even lunch breaks with friends. I am not going to let my life depend on a screen and instead I'm going to spend less time on my phone, which I already do, and spend more time face to face with the ones I have relationships with. I'm not going to get addicted to this technological "drug" and neither will you. I'm not saying don't ever go on social media, I'm just saying only use it for the good such as promoting a business, sharing a picture from a great time, or putting a get together information on it. Enjoy the outside world for as it is.

Reflection Over the Past 4 Smores

Since the beginning of the year I have always thought media literacy has an important place in our lives;however, it also has negative sides to it. My thoughts of media literacy haven't changed much, but I will share what has. I've learned through experience and counts of précis and smores, that media literacy is more than being media literate. We tend to do more than just analyze the insides and outsides of social media; we allow it to become an everyday part of our lives. I've learned that no matter what part of social media you are on, it strives to become an addiction. My favorite thing that I am taking away from this class is the knowledge of how I do not have to be like others and do not have to stare at my screen or gossip through the use of media. Those relationships can be expressed through face to face contact and will evidently create a stronger one. This class is different due to the fact that it wasn't about how high our test scores were or how well we did a project. Instead it was about retaining what we learned and how it will help us not only in our future, but also in our present. There is nothing I would change about this course, but I would add the following: make the students create a bogus account on social media as an experiment and see the different ways the person posts, looks, and reacts with others. Then use that data to come to the conclusion of why people do what they do on social media.