It's Summer Time!!

Get Some Protection

The Suns' Rays

Natural sunlight contains Ultraviolet (UV) photons. These photons are shorter in wavelength and higher in energy than visible light. The human eye can't see them. When these high energy photons strike your skin, they generate free radicals and can also directly damage your DNA. Over the short term, this damage comes as a painful burn, but long term it has been linked to permature agin of the skin, as well as millions of new cases of skin cancer each year.

There is a Solution! It's Called Sunscreen!


Sunscreen product acts as a thin bulletproof vest, stopping the UV photon before they can reach the skinand inflict damage. They contain organic molecules that absorb the UV and inorganic pigments that absorb, scatter, and refelct UV. The term SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, which really means how much do you want to get burned? Products with higher SPF allow fewer photons to strike the skin. So, it's up to you, the sunbather, how much damaging photons do you want to penatrate your skin?
Repelling the Rays: The Chemistry of Sunscreen - Bytesize Science