Cluster 1 Newsletter

June 10

Hello Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers!

Hello Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers!

This is certainly a busy time of year! Here are a few important dates to add to your calendars:

  • Monday, June 20: Observation of Juneteenth - No School

  • Wednesday, June 22: Canobie Lake Field Trip

  • Friday, June 24: Last day of school - Half Day


Cluster One

English Language Arts Update

The end of the year is upon us! We are so proud of how much the students have grown academically, socially, and emotionally. In ELA, students have been reflecting on what it means to grow up; some texts that we have read are “Growing Down”, “On Turning Ten”, and “Eleven”. Students did an amazing job reflecting on the texts and their own lives and discussing this in a Socratic Seminar. We were impressed with their maturity and thoughtfulness during these discussions. They also compared and contrasted a text and a Pixar short with a common theme.

It has been a wonderful year supporting your students. Please be on the lookout for information regarding summer reading expectations for 7th grade. We hope that you have an amazing summer full of fun and relaxation!

Math Update

In Math we are working on the last unit in Desmos which is called Describing Data. Students will be calculating the mean and mean absolute deviation (MAD) of a data set. We will also use mean and MAD to describe and compare data sets. Each unit includes a Family Resource that offers explanations of key concepts throughout the unit, as well as problems for you and your student to try at home. Click here to access.

Science Update

We are wrapping up the year by studying waves (sound and light). Students played a virtual piano which shows how changing the pitch and volume changes the shape of sound waves. On another note, our squid dissection went swimmingly this week! Students were able to relate structures (body parts) with functions (what the parts do). Ask your student what they wrote using squid ink!

Social Studies Update

Students have been working hard in class to research ancient Maya or Inca ruins. With this information they are creating either a digital map or an illustrated map showing where the sites are located and are writing about the significance of these sites. Next week, we’ll be continuing this project and finishing up learning about Central and South America.

Zachary Allen - English

Jessie Daigneault - Science

Megan Lipson - Social Studies

Jim Duffy - Special Education

Amanda Skypeck - Guidance