Cell Phones and Social Change

By: Stefani Graff

Have Cell Phones Gone Too Far?

Cell phones are important pieces of technology, as they allow us to communicate with others from over a distanse, for business purposes, or if family or friends are separated. Despite this, cell phones, while meant to help with communication, might actually be shutting people off and leading them to other bad habits. Most teenagers spend a good deal of their time during the day on their cell phones, and this can become unhealthy for their physical, emotional , and even social needs.. So the big question is: Have cell phones changed us for the worse?

Affects on School

There are quite a few schools that allow students to bring their cell phones to class, and while this could be helpful for a few reasons, there are many consequences. Students could easily get distracted in class for having cell phones, and would also be able to cheat in school. If a student was to bring their cell phone to class on the day of a test, that said student could look up the answers on their mobil device, or even contact on of their peers in the same class for answer. The purpose of school is to teach students so they can progress in life, but adolescence can, and have exploited their technology to do better in school, defeating the purpose of their going to school. Cheating isn't the only problem as well, as cyberbullying is an issue that may be over looked. Students could take pictures or videos of their peers, or make a bad comment in social media about them, and even more. With cell phones given to students, there is no saying what they could do that might negatively affect themselves. and others.
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Unhealthy Habits

According to http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2014/07/14/why-you-should-really-seriously-permanently-stop-using-your-smartphone-at-dinner/ "over half of all American adults own Smartphones." The site also states that one third of these adults use their phones during dinner and other meals. This can become a huge problem for people, as they won't be eating as much since they are on their mobile device, leading to unhealthy weight loss. Along with this, people of all ages also prioritize their phones and social media at the dinner table, rather than socializing with the people around them. These two situations are unwholesome, as they can both lead to physical, emotional, and social distress. As Albert Einstein once said, "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interation. The world will have a generation of idiots." We can't let that happen to our generation, or future generations.
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Addiction to the Device

Individuals of all ages have become addicted to their cellphones, whether it be the device itself, or the features their phones contain. According to a Time Magazine poll, 84 four percent of participants say that they could not go a single day without their cell phones. This is a huge problem, as anyday there could be a problem with cell phones, electricity, or devices, and if people are so dependant upon their cell phones, the only results will be panic and confusion. This addiction to cell phones can only harm people, both physically and emotionally. What people thought was just a simple device for communication has also led to many problems.
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Phones can be helpful, but in retrospect, they can have changed us for the worse, rather than for the better. They have caused many problems for people, including issues with schools, social lives, and physical, emotional, and mental health. If you do have a cell phone, try to limit yourself to using it, and try to make sure that you can have a pleasant experience with the device.