Pack the Pantry and the Spring Picnic

Praise…all 200 boxes were given out Sunday, so there will be more at both campuses this Sunday. They will get them at the Connect Center.


-Our donations will be going to 1 of 3 locations (Solid Rock, Salvation Army or Housing Authority Lunch Box Project).

-Each box has a number on the back that determines which location it will go to.

(Please do not remove the number)

-Inside each box you will find some instructions and a list of 3 suggested items to fill your box with (Items requested by your assigned food pantry)

-You will have 3 full weeks to fill your boxes.

-Who can fill boxes? Individuals, Families, Growth Groups ….( Business owners may even wish to involve their employees and then invite them to the picnic)

-Can you fill more than one box? YES! We will continue to have boxes available through Sunday April 28th.

-We will collect all food donation boxes on April 28th at the ECC Spring Picnic (4:00pm until 6:30pm)-Please keep your boxes at home until then

-Food options for the picnic will include—Bring your own picnic basket, or preorder Varsity Meal tickets. Varsity tickets are $10.00 per person (no price break for children) and can only be bought at the Information Center. When you sign up and pay you will receive a ticket. The day of the picnic, your choices of food will be hamburger OR hotdog, fries OR onion rings, 1 can soda. They toppings include chili, and all the normal ones (condiments, onions, etc.) Sales began Sunday the 7th and will continue through April 21st. No one will be able to order Varsity food the day of the picnic. Soooo, sign up by the 21st.

-The day of the picnic, people will start arriving at 4:00, drop off their box at the appropriate location (we will have signage), bring their picnic baskets/chairs/tables/blankets and set up. Varsity will serve from 4:30-5:30. We will eat from 4:30-6:00, pray over the boxes at 6:00, transfer boxes to the trucks waiting to deliver them to the assigned locations.

-Go home in amazement of what God has done!

I hope this clears up any questions and looking forward to sharing the day together in fellowship!

In His Service,

Stephanie Ryan

Eastridge Community Church

Adventureland Director