Druid Hills High School

Week at a Glance 09/07/15

Safe Schools Plan

The Safe School Plan can be accessed at this link and in the Little Red Schoolhouse (under Safe Schools). Please visit Mr. Alexander to sign-off of plan review by September 16.

TKES Electronic Platform

Many of you are finishing up on the TKES Electronic Platform items (Self Assessment, Goal Setting, Pre-Evaluation Conference). One quick way to self-assess where you are at is to look for the green check. A check to the left of a task means that is has been completed. If you have a something that resembles a timer, you have started the task, but are a share or finalize away from completion.

I am available to troubleshoot as necessary. Thanks!

From Ms. Roode

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts (those who think) and prayers (those who pray.) Most of you have heard, either from me, personally, or through the grapevine that I have been diagnosed with cancer. I apologize if I did not tell you individually, it is just difficult to do. (I actually followed some of you around for three days during preschool looking for the right moment to say it, but in some cases, I couldn’t.) It has been an exhausting and tedious few weeks of researching and consulting with experts. I looked at every alternative. Decided that this is the best choice, as it means no radiation, no chemotherapy, no hormone therapy, no follow up visits twice a year for five years, no anxiety over cancer. A bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction is aggressive, but ultimately healthier. Secondly, we implement food therapy and lifestyle changes to address the deficiency or possible causes.

P.S. “Cancer is NOT contagious!”

If you would like to stay in touch with me, you can message me on facebook, or reach me at dawnroode@gmail.com


School Council Nominations

We have an open teacher position for our School Council . Please submit your nominations (you can nominate yourself) by noon Wednesday, September 9. We are hoping to hold elections during Wednesday's Faculty Meeting.

From Mr. Roberts

Posters or other posted signs placed on ANY wall should be supported with the blue painter's tape. Otherwise, the poster is subject to be removed and trashed in order to protect the painted walls.

Governor's Honors Program

The Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) is a residential summer program for gifted and talented rising juniors and seniors. The program offers instruction that is significantly different from the typical high school classroom. It is designed to provide students with academic, cultural, and social enrichment necessary to become the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders. Selected students receive free room and board to this program.

Please consider recommending students who have demonstrated high aptitude and high interest in your content areas. Successful GHP candidates generally possess the following attributes:

  • Synthesize information and explore the “hows and whys.”
  • Demonstrate intensity and passion about their subject.
  • Explore beyond classroom/teacher expectations.
  • Are enthusiastic about learning.
  • Exhibit a willingness to challenge their preconceived knowledge/expectations in their given area of study.
The recommended students will participate in the district level GHP process, which usually takes place in October. Successful students then advance to the state level process occurring in January.

Here are links for more information about GHP

Big image

Faculty Meeting Announcements

Please use the following link for any announcements you would like to add For the Good of the Group. The deadline for submitting announcements is by 4pm the day before the Faculty Meeting (in this case September 8).

This Week

Monday, September 7

Labor Day - No School

Tuesday, September 8


1st Day of 5th Period

SAT Tutoring 3:30 202A

XC County Meet @DHMS 5:00pm

V Volleyball vs Dunwoody/Clarkston/Stephenson 5:00pm (Jackson)

PTSA Parent-to-Parent Meeting 6:30pm Media Center (Cunningham)

Wednesday, September 9


End of 4.5 weeks

School Council Meeting 8:30am

Faculty Meeting 3:30pm

Class Night Meeting Cafeteria 5:00pm

JV Volleyball vs Tucker/SWD 5:00pm/7:00pm (Ingram)

Thursday, September 10


JV Football vs Cross Keys @Adams Stadium 5:00pm (Cunningham)

V Softball @Mays 5:30pm (Alexander)

V Volleyball @Lakeside 5:00pm (Joyner)

C-Team Football vs Decatur @Fernbank 5:00pm

Friday, September 11


V Football @ Creekside 7:30pm (Alexander)

JV Softball Tourney @Lakeside Time TBD

Saturday, September 12

XC Winder/Barrow Invitational 8:00am

DHMS Breakfast Tailgate @Adams Stadium 8:30am

Mock SAT 9:00am (Cunningham)

Boys LAX Car Wash Jiffy Lube 9:30am - 2:30am

JV Softball Tourney @ Oakhurst Park (Field 1)

  • vs Lakeside 10:45
  • vs SWD 12:00
  • vs Chamblee 4:00

Coming Soon

09/15/15 - Progress Reports Distributed

09/16/15 - Departmental Meeting

09/17/15 - Float Building Week begins

09/17/15 - Curriculum Night

Duty Assignments

AM Duty/PM Bus Duty

Cafeteria: Gipson

Cafeteria: K. Miller

Science Bldg: Salivia

Gym: Rachford

Gym: Adams

Bus Duty: Lewis

Bus Duty: Pauling

Lunch Duty

A Lunch: P. Jackson

B Lunch: S. Jones

C Lunch: C. Smith

D Lunch: Hart

Tardy Table

1st Period: Matlock/Rachford

2nd Period: Heard

4th Period: Moore