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Clear and Compelling Product Standards

Clear and Compelling Product Standards - A Design Quality of Context

Clear and Compelling Product Standards, which refers to the extent to which students are clear about what they are to do, what the products they produce should look like, what standards will be applied to evaluate these products and their performances, and how much value students attach to the standards that are to be used; that is, do the students believe in the standards and see them as personally compelling? To what degree do these students find it important to assess their own work in terms of the standards set? Do they enjoy participating in group assessment processes? How do these students prefer that the standards by which their work will be assessed be made clear?

Clear and Compelling Product Standards –

• Are performance standards clearly articulated?

• Are students provided concrete examples of the finished product?

• Are students able to assess their progress throughout the assignment?

Clear and compelling standards. Students prefer knowing exactly what is expected of them, and how those expectations relate to something they care about. Standards are only relevant when those to whom they apply care about them.

When Focusing on the Design Quality of Clear and Compelling Standards, Ask Yourself These Questions

  • How will I make clear the standards by which students' products, performances, or exhibitions will be judged?
  • How might I help students see relevance and meaning in the standards that are being used to assess their work?
  • How might I involve students in assessing their own work?

All information has been taken from the Schlechty Center.