A look into John Calvin

John Calvin or Calvin Klein?

Who is John Calvin?

John Calvin, the successor of Martin Luther, is known for the powerful impact he made on the fundamental doctrines of Protestantism. John Calvin was born on July 10, 1509, in the city of Noyon, France. His death was on May 27, 1564, in Geneva. One of his greatest accomplishments for the Protestant reformation was the book he wrote, "Institutes of the Christian Religion"

Institutes of the Christian Religion

Calvin first wrote the Institutes of the Christian religion in the 1530's, but continued to work on it throughout the years. The final version was published in 1559. It is not a passionate book, but precise and closely argued one. In the Institutes one can find pure answers as to what Calvin thought about; original sin, God's grace, predestination, baptism, relations between ministers and magistrates, and so on. It was first written in Latin, then written in French. The French version had a great impact on the French, such as Luther's bible did when written in German. Calvin's ideas had a tremendous impact from the later 1550's onward.
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Did not let them dance or use instruments

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