Instructional Coaching

Titan Hill

Our Vision of Coaching

We serve teachers and students to empower them to take learning risks and propel growth.

Guiding Principles

No matter what we do, we as coaches hold ourselves responsible to these guiding principles:

  1. Put students first: They are the reason we are here, to help them learn.

  2. Listen: Listen more than talk. Learn from others.

  3. Ask Questions: Seek first to understand.

  4. Collaborate: Work with others, learn about and bring in a different perspective.

  5. Trustworthy: Be confidential when working with staff and students.

  6. Be Positive: Look for the good in what is happening, presume positive intent, celebrate along the way.

Student Centered Coaching Defined

Student centered coaching is....

  • an opportunity for coaches and teachers to work in a partnership

  • guided by learning targets based on the standards

  • teacher driven based on student evidence

Student centered coaching is not...

  • evaluation

  • telling someone what to do

  • a "fix the teacher" mentality

How Does this Work?

The goal of coaching is to improve student learning by providing continuous, relevant, and job-embedded support to teachers. Student centered coaching is about setting specific targets for students that are rooted in the standards and curriculum and then working collaboratively to ensure that the targets are met. Student-centered coaching includes primarily coaching cycles, and may also include working with small groups or teams, model classrooms, and individual consultation.

The Coaching Cycle Explained

A Coaching Cycle by Ashley Duvall