Australian Assessment

By Nicky B

What are Aborigines?

The Aborigines were the native people to Australia. Once the British found Australia, they used a land bridge to send all their prisoners to Australia. Oblivious to the people who already inhabited it. The land bridge is long gone now by the way. Now the Aborigine population is about 2.4%

What happened to them?

Well, the British decided that children of Aborigines could get the Aborigine blood out. This was called the Stolen Generation. The British would come into an Aborigine town and force take the children away. They would make them practice just like British. In attempt to breed the Aborigine out of them. This video is very sad, but this actually happened:

It was actually the law, but it was not fair. Because they were not there first to take it.

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What about now?

Well they stopped doing the Stolen Generation now, and are kinder to the Aborigines. But still some people are racist to them. They also have a day called "Sorry Day" For the Aborigines. Here are some charts that indicate the Racism in the country for Aborigines. it shows that most people are nice to them, but some are not.
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Why are they still Racist

Some people are led to believe that they are still bad. Even though we are all equal and are all humans. As the British called them "Savages." Some believe they still are. While most of the time they are just like anyone else trying to live in Australia.
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Will it ever stop?

Well, I can't answer that. But we can hope. We can do things to help them. If we educate children more about them than they maybe can make an impact in the future.
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