Pattern Shapes

Technology Enhanced Activity

What is it?

  • Free iPad and web-based application
  • uses shapes to helps students discover a variety of math concepts

This app has a large variety of settings/options, making it a useful tool for teachers across all grade levels.

Who created this app?

The Math Learning Center

Clarity Innovations

There are many uses for this app:

Application to the Classroom

The DOK level varies depending upon the age of the students and the activities they are completing.

  • Young students - Shape fill-in (DOK 1)
  • 3rd Grade - Area and Perimeter (DOK 2)
  • 5th Grade - Geometry (DOK 3)


  • a wide variety of options
  • easy to use
  • hands-on learning


  • not an an independent activity
  • could be more engaging
  • requires scaffolding from the teacher


  1. What is the perimeter of this shape?
  2. What do you notice about these two shapes? How do they compare?
  3. How can you show 1/2 using these shapes?