Computer Game Platforms

and technologies

Platform Dependency and independence

Platform dependency and independence is when consoles from newer generations are able to play games from older generations, eg being able to play an xbox classic game on an xbox 360 console, this is called platform dependency.

Along with hardware dependency there is independence, where games can be played on multiple consoles/platforms like the pc, xbox 360 and play stations, these are normally based around java based games. Java is a great platform that allows games to be played across multiple platforms and is implemented into most consoles and playforms, this means that they can be played on everything (aslong as it's implemented). These games are usually found as arcade games and can be found in such places as the xbox live marketplace.

Operating systems across different platforms

There is many different operating systems that are used in thousands of different devices and platforms.

Windows 7: This operating system which has been developed through its previous systems such as vista, XP, and 2000. This system has offered a lot to todays systems and tech with its advancements in running a stable system built for friendliness and for advanced extreme users for gaming and powerful software. Windows 7 is a reliable system for gaming.

Windows 7 allows for features such as games for windows can be linked to xbox and microsoft. allowing the ability to link xbox and windows systems together.


1. Quick installations

2. Drivers simply installed through updates

3. Games developed for windows

4. updates done simply through updates

5. Can support multi player better than other platforms.

6. peripherals are easy to install

Evaluation: I think that windows 7 is the best for gaming on a pc due to it being really friendly towards the gaming community and making it simple to install features and peripherals.

Palm OS

Palm operating system was designed to ease the use of touch screen and multi-feature mobile devices with the implementation of user friendly feature and functions. The OS is usually implemented with mobile or hand held consoles that have the touch screen capability. The OS provides features and functions which other operating systems do not, such as personal info management, application accessing accessing games and accessing the internet.

1. Applications can be installed and downloaded

2. Driver support for additional peripherals

3. SMS' can be read and sent

4. Can have USB support

5. Proxy Server

6. Input and output

7. Voice recognition

8. OpenGL ES support

9. Phone calls

10. supports flash

11. supports Java

12. supports internet browsing

13. Can use 2G 3G and wifi for data connectivity


Drivers are used to allow Hardware to work with other hardware efficiently. You will need a driver to get anything to work with the operating system, with a graphics card you will need to install a driver so that you can siplay images correctly on screen and making sure the resolution is correct.

3 examples of hardware devices that need drivers to work are Sound Card devices, Graphics Card devices, and Network interface Card Devices.

Application software languages

There are several types of languages which are used in application software and games. There are several differences between languages with some of them being faster, not being able to run on certain platforms.

Application software languages have their differences in terms of what they can output meaning that VB (visual Basic) can output simple window applications, where as C# can output more complex applications for a wider platform such as basic games or applications. Along with languages they're scripts which are used as the background to most complex games and their game engine which runs the game, this means instead of using standard language, it has it's own script which is wrote & designed through the games engine, typically known engines would be; frostbite 2, crytek, UDK and Quake engine. All of these have their own language to use and program the games which run through them.

Gaming language scripts.

Java and c#