National Youth Administration June 26, 1935


Focused on providing work and education for Americans between the ages of 16 and 25. witch meant they helped the young kids ho my not get education get. I with the NYA program there they could get these help. In yes it dose fall under the Roosevelt's new deal because it is helping young people in the person that headed the program was close friends to Roosevelt's the people how. Was headed by Aubrey Willis Williams so yes.


The program dose relieving the economic crisis? Yes it did because it show how youth need jobs in money that they could not get in the great depression time period. That young people to get jobs witch was why people be came poor. Witch in that why it also show the in lighting on. The understanding of the great depression. n yes there is still program out there like the NYA .It is a little bit different to day because there are different programs that are bigger in you could ether walk in are call are both so that how it different.



  • It talk abut how they want young youth to have experts.
  • In how many different jobs that they can do.
  • IN how by giving them these expressed in it can help them later on in a bigger job .
  • when they get older.
"Youth Jobs & Defense" NYA The National Youth Administration