English I Research Paper

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Research Project

You will be writing a 3 paragraph persuasive research paper about either genocide, immigration, or discrimination. You will be required to provided 3 sources for your research project. Below you will find multiple research questions; you will select one to be the topic you research for your paper.

  • Are soldiers who engage in genocide viewed as criminals?
  • Is genocide the same as ethnic cleansing?
  • Is discrimination still prevalent in today's modern society?
  • Should refugees be allowed to enter the United States from war torn countries and given citizenship?
  • Do immigration laws protect American citizens?
  • Are immigration laws effective?

Article Links

"War is Not the Answer"

Solutions besides war in the Middle East.

Definition of Genocide and the Holocaust

The origins of the term genocide date back to 1944 and the horrific crimes against Jews in WWII.

Genocide History

More background information

Definition of Ethnic Cleansing

Definitions, explanations, and genocide vs ethnic cleansing.

Ethnic Cleansing

Background information of Ethnic Cleansing

Refugee Information

Definition and background info about refugees.

Immigration Fact Sheet