My New Discovery

Nuclear Fusion


I discovered this new item on December 10 of 2015.

Nuclear Fusion

I have discovered this new type of energy within my lab. I almost forgot, my name is Jacob and I work as a scientist for NASA. This new energy will help understand the sun and even allow us to use this energy to improve our old inventions. This is an extraordinary new type of energy and this will allow us to exceed past out former limits.

The way to create energy

The nuclear fusion makes energy by putting two types of energy together which are helium and hydrogen and this is what creates Nuclear Fusion. The energy is also the type of energy that is created by the sun. Which means this energy can be created naturally someway.


The energy can be dangerous. Since this energy is also nuclear it can explode and cause a very dangerous situation, so when working with this make sure you be careful when working with this new type of energy.


This can make the economy thrive because this energy is renewable and also can be used more often and causes minimal pollution. This can help a lot so go buy my new type of energy that I have recently discovered.