Final Exam Project

By: Tobin Oler

Appetizer-Economic Development-United States Vs. Great Britain

United States:

Life Expectancy:78.74 Years

GDP:16.77 Trillion USD

GDP Per Capita:51,495.87 USD

Literacy Rate:99%

The United States is more developed, because it has a higher GDP, and GDP Per Capita, but the literacy rate is the same, but Great Britain has a higher Life Expectancy, but it doesn't make a country that much more developed.

Great Britain:

Life Expectancy:81.5 Years

GDP:2.678 Trillion USD

GDP Per Capita: 41,787.47 USD

Literacy Rate:99%

Main Entree-Moving Out of The US

What characteristics do you want to have in your new homeland?:Where we move I want to live in a nice city but with country near by.

How difficult will it be for you to immigrate to a new country?:It won't be that difficult as long as we research where we are moving, and we get a VISA so we can get jobs there too. What criteria will you use to determine the best country to which you will move?: The criteria I will use is how nice the city looks, also how good the job variety is, and if they have a lot of entertaining places, and restaurants .

Why Should We Move To Melbourne Australia, first of all it is ranked the nicest place to live in the whole world, also they mostly speak english but they just have an accent. It also won' the that hard to go and live there and get a job as long as we get a VISA, or become a citizen of Australia.