Hansen Dispatch

February 2016, Volume 4, Issue 2

Rachel & Michael

Michael still loves his job, I still love staying home with our girls, and Jane and Lottie grow more each day. Jane adores Dr. Suess books and has me read the five that we own at least once a day. She's so polite, and she loves to dance and sing. Her favorite lullaby is "Over the Blackbow," because rainbow isn't good enough, I guess. She also loves for me to sing "Sleep Little Jane," but once the usual candidates for being inserted into a verse are exhausted she likes to sing about the ceiling. Her favorite thing is to go on daddy-daughter dates with Michael.

Lottie smiles so much, and we can even get a laugh out of her now and then. She still isn't sleeping through the night, but she does let me sleep enough to maintain my sanity.

I've started reading a book called "The Gratitude Diaries," which is about--you guessed it--gratitude. So far one of my favorite things I've learned is that being grateful can change your attitude about pretty much anything, and I really want to get better at being grateful. Michael's dad gave each member of the White family gratitude journals to write three things we're grateful for in each day and why. So far it's been an amazing experience.

We loved celebrating Dad's birthday with everyone who was able to go!

Video link: Jane reading

Maggie & Brandon

Quincy is all about Darth Vader this month. She told me that a leather-clad, helmeted guy on a motorcycle was "just Darth Vader ridin' a bike." She also tells me on a regular basis that "Darth Vader is my friend and he loves me" (See video links). We picked out new bedroom furniture. We did a Whole30 food challenge for approximately 4 days. It was pretty good while it lasted. We've been exercising more this month, too. Brandon has been doing workouts on his lunch break and playing church basketball. I've been walking with a walking group and doing P90X-3 in the mornings. I've also been reading, sewing, and putting out metaphorical primary fires.

Books I've read this month:

Winter by Marissa Meyer

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant

The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas

The video links are Quincy telling us about her friend Darth Vader, and telling her rocking horse to "Get me up" instead of "Giddyup."


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Mom and I just got back from a snowy road trip to Seattle, Washington. I really like to drive. We traveled 1,902 miles in about 28 hours and had a great time at Sam Hansen's wedding. Courtney will be a wonderful addition to our family. Maybe I like to drive so much because I didn't get my driver license until I got my eagle scout. I wish I had been raised in Idaho where I could have begun driving at 14. I don't know that the eagle scout thing is for everyone. But it worked for me. Mom was my birthday shadow, much to my delight. We worked at the office and then went to the Broadway in SLC where we saw Brooklyn, a movie about an Irish girl immigrating to Brooklyn, NY after WWII. I thought it was a great show. Then we discovered a new SLC restaurant, Currents. The salmon was great. The next weekend Mom and I were the beneficiaries of lower bowl tickets to the Utah Jazz v. Timberwolves basketball game after which we drove to Burley for rest and relaxation with the grandkids there. Mike showed up with Ella and Addie as well. Cody worked his magic on Mike's and Vanessa's Toyota Corolla which Vanessa then drove to California. It's a good thing for us that gas prices are so low. Then came the above-mentioned trip to Seattle. In addition to the wedding, I got to spend some quality time talking to Vaylene, Loreita and Cindi about family memories. We stopped at Jensen's Smokehouse for some smoked salmon and in Penelton, Oregon to see the Woolen Mills and pick up a Pendelton shirt like I used to have when I was a teenage Californian. They had a commemorative shirt there that the Beach Boys wore on one of their first albums. We used to wear Penny's T-shirts with a pocket, a Penelton shirt, 501 Levis, white socks and Purcell or Converse tennis shoes. So much for California fashion in the 60's. Actually, I think it's coming back. I have enjoyed seeing all of you recently and love that you keep in touch with each other to play Pandemic on Skype. I am grateful for your testimonies of the Gospel and that you have all joined us on this adventure. Now to fix the refrigerator in the kitchen which lost a condenser just as we were leaving for Washington. I'm glad we caught it before and not after.

On my birthday, prior to eating at Currents and going to see Brooklyn, Mom and I went to a place called The Escape Key. We thought it was at the Gateway Center. It was on about 380 East 400 South in Salt Lake City, in the same building as the Scientology offices. There were three rooms, a seasonal room, a puzzle room and the hardest, a CSI room. We had an hour to try to escape from the locked room before getting blown up. We solve puzzle after puzzle and got farther than most groups of 2. But in the end, we could not enter the right code on our one try and got blown up. It was so fun though that I am sure we will go back to try to solve it.

Mike & Vanessa

anuary was a great start to the new year.

Overall, we mostly got back into regular life after December being so fun.

Mike and Vanessa:

-setting goals for businesses, readjusting chores and family goals.


-back in school full time. Has adjusted well, even though he wasn't excited to go.

-has some new fun favorite teachers. Is in Math, Science, Utah Studies, Honors English/Language Arts, Orchestra, Computer/Career planning and study hall

-Jr. Jazz. He's taken very seriously to Basket Ball. He has won a game and has gone extra to practice early before school some days and after school at the church when I can get the church keys.

-keeps making movies and is diligently working toward some goals with views on his YouTube channel.

-told me the other day, "Practice doesn't make Perfect, Practice makes PERMANENT!" He often tells me really profound statements. Including that our goals to teach our kids to manage money well, that he had money in his wallet at school and almost bought the candy in a candy machine. But remembered that keeping money even when we could spend it is very important. He said he kept is money reminding himself he would be home soon where we had plenty of food and walked away with his money. I was very happy to hear this, as sometimes lessons we are trying to teach may not be known that they actually get learned til later in life.


-Great at school

-hasn't been horseback riding this year yet.

-is learning to deal with friends. And actually has had some pretty impressive crucial conversations lately with friends. She is good to confront her friends by apologizing and initiating friendships to solve problems together. Lately, however she has been dealt a rough hand with a friend who just makes her feel bad. Welcome to pre teen development!


-super sweet, organized and helpful. The other day she asked if she could wash the floor in the kitchen! Um. YES! And she does an amazing job!

-We watch a little girl from the ward Mondays and Thursdays and then they take the bus to school. It's fun to see Ella's prayers answered to have more friends. She's really fun!


-says her own prayers now.

in fact, the first one I heard (apparently, she said one with Mike before me), anyway, the first one I heard, I wished I had a tape recorder on hand. It was so beautiful and sweet. Lots of "help us to be kind" over and over!

-Is becoming pretty independent. now potty trained, loves Luna the kitty and has taken probably 65 baths since Katy and Landon gave us colors for the tub and bubbles. Not kidding. She's in the water at least an hour a day, often twice!

Current things we are moving toward: A great balance of schedules for our travel. I was in CA while Mike did Roots tech --THANK YOU for helping us make that happen, Rachel thank you for last minute rescuing me with a sick Max so I could still go to CA. We are really trying to figure out a new family culture around our careers and family goals.

While I drove back from CA I listened to the entire CS Lewis "Mere Christianity" book on CD. THAT was a game changer for me. I LOVED it!

In all, we have everything to be grateful for! Our home, our cars, our lives, our neighbors, beliefs, goals and dreams.

Looking forward to fulfilling our dreams even more this year!

Melanie & Jack

Jack started classes and I completed my application and audition to LSU!

Amelie & Cody

It was fun seeing Mom Dad and Mike for their visit!