Vocab Lesson 7

Kennady Everard

guess the word

After studying for hours before the history test, Johnny believed his efforts were _______________________; this proved to be true when he received a sticker on his returned test.
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the word is...



praiseworthy; deserving reward or esteem

quick association tip:



Usually if someone deserves praise, they have accomplished some sort of victory (no matter if it's as small as getting a good grade on a history test).

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Related forms

meritoriously, adverb

meritoriousness, noun

merit, noun

Latin Roots

mereo, merere <L. "to earn" "to deserve"

*if you recognize the roots, the meaning of this word is the same as the meaning of the roots*

Let's practice

Choose the word that is being used incorrectly in the sentence.

1. Anna proudly won the silver medal in the school science show because of her meritorious efforts in making her volcano.

2. After cheating on her midterm, Lily meritoriously earned an A.

3. Michael, Sarah, and McKenzie slaved over their Biology project weeks prior to the due-date, so they believed their actions were much more meritorious than other procrastinators in the class.

4. Rachel meritoriously earned an A in psychology because she was one of the few students that could stay awake during the lectures.

And the answer is...


Merit is associated with good actions and deeds and EARNING a reward.

Cheating meets neither of these guidelines. Lily didn't earn anything, because she was being credited for something she honestly did not know/understand.