Nagle College Interveiw

by - Janaye Merritt


Where were you born? Where did you group up ?

I was born in Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. I grew up in Kelston, Auckland, New Zealand.

How was it like growing up there ?

It was very good, i loved being with all my friends cause we lived so close together. It was the best.

Do you have any siblings? What are their names and how old are they ?

i have a older sister aged 55, a twin sister aged 54 and a younger brother aged 53.

What school/s did you attend ?

I attended St Leonard's Primary, then went into Kelston Intermediate and then Kelston Girls High School.

What was your favourite subject? Were you much of a trouble maker ?

My favourite subject was typing, but I wasn't much of a trouble maker.

What did you want to do after school? Have/had you accomplished it yet ?

I always wanted to become a hair dresser or work in childcare, but i haven't yet accomplished either.

When did you move to Australia ? Do you like being here ?

I moved to Australia in 1997, and i love being here. I just miss my family and friends a lot.

What is your favourite thing about living in Australia ?

My favourite thing about Australia would have to be the weather, because New Zealand rarely get the nice days that Australia does.

What do you miss about New Zealand ? What were your favourite memories?

What i really miss about New Zealand would be the community i grew up in, but definitely also my family and friends. My faovurite memories would have to be growing up in general.

How did you get in touch with Nagle ? How did you find out about this school ?

The way i got in touch and found out about Nagle was through friends who had children attend Nagle, and also living in the area.

Do you like having your daughter come to Nagle? Why did you bring her here ?

Yes i like my daughter attending Nagle. I sent her to Nagle for a Catholic Education and because it is an all girls school.

What are your thoughts on the school ?

I have no concerns and i like every aspect that Nagle offers my daughter regarding her Education.

Would you change anything about the Nagle ?

No there is nothing that i would change.

If you had the chance as a teenager, would you attend Nagle ?

Yes, i would. I think an all girls school is very beneficial.

Why did you choose an all girls high school apart from a co-ed school?

For no distractions and for my daughter to concentrate solely on her work.