Jacob's Rescue: A Holocaust Story

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Panel 1- Main Characters:

JACOB GUTEL had a tragic life before the Holocaust. He lost his brother at an early age, only living with his Aunt Hannah and Grandmother in a controlled Ghetto. Aunt Hannah, in an attempt to save Jacob's life, sends him to live with ALEX ROSLAN. Alex wants to protect Jacob, and keep his family safe. He will do whatever he can to keep Jacob a secret. Alex's wife, MELA, is a mother to already two children. She wants to take Jacob in as one of her own.

Panel 2- Plot:

In Warsaw, Poland, the Holocaust is proceeding. Jewish Europeans are being taken to death camps and work camps, millions are in dying and in hiding. The story is of a young Jewish boy endeavoring the wrath of the Nazi's, trying to survive while saying hidden in the care of a sacrificing and daring family. The historical connection to this book is that this story could possibly be true, having to do with other Jews during those times. Many Polish families took the hated people in to survive, so the path of Jacob with the Roslans could relate to many others.

Panel 3- Connections to the Righteous Among Nations:

The Roslans deserve this aware badly. Alex built a spot underneath his sink to place Jacob in times of hidden identity. Alex gave Jacob the extra protection besides always keeping Jacob inside. Alex and Mela give Jacob food, get a solar lamp to regulate his skin, and provide him safety that they promise on their lives. They give Jacob hope when it seems there is none. Alex even went out of his way to find Jacob's Uncle and bring him to visit. Without the Roslans dedication and love, Jacob would be dead for sure.

Panel 4: Quote

"Hey Genyek, you don't look so bad for a Jew at all."

This quote means a lot to me in many ways. Just to think that a human being's nationality makes them less than a person, makes them this useless material that could be thrown away and abused. It's very bad the way Jewish people were treated was dishonorable. They were hated not for their personalities or goals or choices, but for the way they were born and exist. This quote speaks to me because Alex is seeing past Jacob's "evil" inheritance, seeing past that he is the nationality that is hated throughout his country. Jacob is not so bad a Jew, not so bad a person.

Panel 5- Reflection- Importance of Reading This Book:

The Importance of reading this book is to see what happened in the Holocaust, but mostly to see how a young boy that was a Jew lived, and how he was able to make it through the Holocaust without getting caught, since he is a Jew, and the Non-Jews are coming to take any Jews they see, and take them away. I also think that the importance behind reading this book would be seeing how his new family really wanted to take care of him like it's their own son/daughter/brother/sister. They did a really great job keeping him safe.