It's a Day of Pink at Ross Drive.

Spread the word. Be an activist. Start the change.

Why a "Day of Pink"?

Day of Pink began when a high school student in Cambridge, Nova Scotia, was bullied because he wore a pink shirt to school. The next day, hundreds of students at his school stood up to bullying and wore pink to school to show their support for diversity.

Here are activities that our school staff will be pooling from this week:

The goal here is to continue to develop and to nurture our students to become critical thinkers: tolerant and empathetic human beings who will strive to contribute to their community in positive ways.

Pink: A Poem for the Day of Pink

Teaching is about Diversity.

Teaching about diversity is something that all Peel schools teach and discuss with students. It is not something that we pause to teach—it is embedded in all we do and teach every day. Day of Pink is just one way for us to reflect and strengthen our focus towards achieving equity for all students and staff.

Dare To Be Different - Rachael Lynn - (Official Anti Bullying Music Video)
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When is the Day of Pink ?

Wednesday, April 8th, 9am-3pm

Ross Dr

Brampton, ON

On April 8th, the staff at our school will wear pink t-shirts to show their support of Day of Pink initiatives. We invite students to join us in wearing pink as, together, we stand against bullying and discrimination. If your child does not have any pink clothing but wishes to participate, consider a pink bandana, ribbon, scarf or hat.

To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan

Another take on "Showing your PINK", but worth showcasing!

A very clever Anti-Bullying Video (and message!)


To make a point about bullying, Singapore's Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth has launched a video that gets shorter every time you share it:

Someone Elses Shoes

Thank-you Saidat for making us feel R.E.A.L.





SAIDAT Set the World Free Official Music Video