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Earliest computing device

The Salamis tablet

Used as early as 300 BC in Babylon

Discovered on the island of Salamis in Greece.

The Salamis tablet is a large flat slab of marble with sets of lines for different figures. It is a counting device.

Abacus Binary System

IBM 701- invented 1951

GENIAC - invented 1955

UNIVAC II - Invented 1957

Atari 400 - Invented in 1970s

Commodore 64 - Invented 1982

Texas Instruments and Current Technology

Jack Kilby who was working at Texas Instruments in 1958 invented the integrated circuit. The circuits could be made smaller and the manufacturing process could be automated.

On March 16th in computer history....

In 2004 Microsoft enters speech recognition market

On December 6th (My Birthday) in Computer History...

Yahoo pitched an antispam initiative to the computer industry

The Internet Was Made Available to the Public...

August 6, 1991

E-Commerce began in...



Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in the year 1975, it is now worth more than $299 Billion

Apples Co-Founders

Microsoft Co-Founders

Facebook Co-Founders

Twitter Co-Founders

The First Video Game

The first video game was invented by Willy Higinbotham in 1958 and was similar to the later version of Pong.

The Master Chess-Playing Computer

On May 11, 1997 the chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov was defeated by the chess-playing computer called, Deep Blue.

Plankalkul and Karl Zeus

Plankalkul was a programming language, created by Karl Zeus, designed for engineering purposes.

The first computer

The first commercially used computer was the UNIVersal Automatic Computer I (UNIVAC Model I) and weighed over 29,000 pounds and power consumption was about 12,000 volt amps (12 KVA).

My Favorite Website

My favorite website is YouTube. It was founded in February of 2005 by 3 former employees, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. The purpose of this website is to share videos with the world whether it be tv shows, movies, home videos, blogs, etc. There is no shop or 'buy now' feature, but the site makes tons of money from advertisements all over the home page and on videos.

Product placement in modern videogames

the school store Donna and J pawler


Disney ride that show progress (The Carousel of Progress)