Colombine High School Shooting

By: Kaylee Gerald


The tragedy of the Columbine shooting has lead schools to take more safety precautions, and has lead to a great deal of kindness spread around the world.

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Columbine Memorial

The Columbine Shooting Impact

Ever since the Columbine shooting on April 20, 1999, schools have become well aware of the safety of their schools. In addition, schools have also become more strict towards students and have been enforcing more rules. For example, students have been kicked out of school because they have brought nail clippers to class. Furthermore, because of the shooting staff in some schools have had to go through training to prepare for events such as the Columbine shooting. Lastly , the sad thing is that some parents forced there kids to homeschooling, because they were afraid that that terrible tragedy would happen again. Now schools around the world have made many changes to there schools safety because of the Columbine shooting , that was named the worst shooting in history.( cnn news)

Rachel's Challenge

Rachel's challenge was started by her step mom and step dad and it had created a huge impact on today's children and teens. According to Rachel's, Rachel's Challenge has helped children and teens in so many ways. For example, a girl was thinking of committing suicide, but at school she had seen Rachel's Challenge and decided to take a step back and think about was she is doing. Now around 21 million schools each year are touched my Rachel's story and are encouraged to show kindness and start a chain reaction.
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