October 2016

What's Happening in PACE This Week?

Parent Handbook

I have attached a link to the PACE Parent Handbook. I hope that it can help you become more familiar with the PACE program. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

First Grade

PACE first graders have completed their SCAMPER animal research project. They made a clay model of their new animal, and now they are writing stories about their animal's adventures.

Second Grade

Second graders have been studying idioms. The English language has thousands of idioms. They are often confusing because the meaning of the whole group of words taken together has little, often nothing, to do with the meaning of the words taken one by one. Some examples of idioms are "raining cats and dogs" and "put your foot in your mouth". The students loved reading "More Parts" by Ted Arnold. It really "cracked them up"!

Third Grade

Third graders are continuing their detective work with the missing recipe. This week the students learned about false premises, which are statements that are not true. If a conclusion is reached based on a false statement, the conclusion will be false. A good detective must always guard against false premises. Last week, they felt that Salty the Cracker could not be eliminated as a suspect because his alibi of being at Lucky Luke's Diner at the time of the crime was not substantiated. They later learned that the alibi could be substantiated because one of the statements from a witness was incorrect. The students have been great detectives, and they are very close to solving the mystery!

Fourth Grade

This week, the students are constructing mini geodesic domes with paper and masking tape. Geodesic dome structures were made popular by architect Buckminster Fuller and are designed with interlocking triangles.

Fifth Grade

The fifth graders are continuing with their unit on how figurative language in advertising influences people. In groups, they have used different types of advertising techniques to convince people to eat at Bulldog Burgers Restaurant.


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