Growing Saints

Family Newsletter * September 22, 2022

"This is what we are about: we plant the seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise."

-Attributed to Archbishop Oscar Romeo

From the Principal's Office...

Dear Parents of our St. Therese Students,

Clear and open communication is a cornerstone of our school community. As your child's instructional team, we want to hear from you. I have always said, there isn't anything we can't solve with a little prayer and conversation. However, we also need to balance our ability to be available with the expectation that during the school day our teachers are focused on instruction, and in the evenings, teachers' priorities need to be their own families and activities outside of school. For the mental well-being of our instructional team, I am asking for the following parameters on communication.

Emails have a 24-hour response window. During the day, the teachers are focused on their students and delivering high-quality instruction. They are not expected to monitor their email during instructional time. All staff will reply within 24 hours to emails from parents. This includes requests for work should your child be out of school that day. If you are requesting work for your child, I am asking the teachers to have it ready for you at the beginning of the next school day.

If you have emailed a teacher or other staff member and not received a response and it has been over 24 hours, please forward your original message to me and I will follow up with the appropriate person. If necessary, we will schedule a face-to-face meeting to address your concerns.

In addition, after 6 pm, the expectation is that teachers are taking care of their own families and are not available for consultations regarding homework or other non-emergency items. Should you have a family emergency, please contact my cellphone and I will do what I can to help you. If, for some reason, I am unable to answer my phone, please send a text message so that I can respond as soon as I am able. I can sometimes read a message before I can find a quiet spot to listen to a phone message. My number is 616.291.7443.

Together, we will provide a fantastic educational experience for your child. We look forward to sitting down at conferences and continuing the conversation about supporting your child as they grow into all God created them to be. Don't forget to sign up for a time here!

St. Therese and Sts. Cyril and Methodius, pray for us!


Virtue of the Week September 26-October 2: Responsibility

Definition: Fulfilling one's just duties; accepting the consequences of one's words and actions, intentional and unintentional

Prayer: Dear Jesus, please help me to be faithful in all the duties You have entrusted to me this day, fulfilling each with great care and love!

Listen to the Virtue Minute!

Fall Audits

It is that time of year when for the safety and protection of all our students, we are double checking that every form has been turned in, every box checked, and every protection is in place.

1. While every child, kindergarten through sixth grade has access to teacher-supervised technology as needed, we do need every family to complete an Electronic Information and Access form. This form outlines our agreements on how to use technology and access the internet appropriately and safely. You will find this form in your Family Portal under Web Forms.

2. It is time for our State mandated audit of health and immunization forms. Please be sure that your child's medical forms are up to date. You can talk to Mrs. Harnish in the office if you have any questions about medical forms or immunizations.

3. Please double-check your Family Portal to be sure that all contact information, including address, is updated.

4. Included in this process is updating our iChat (criminal background check) and Virtus data. Both of these items are required for everyone who enters our building during the school day, this will include classroom parties and events. Virtus is the Protecting God's Children training and can now be completed online. Some people have started their online training, but need to go back in and finish. Others have requested access to the training but never circled back around to it. If you think that you would like to participate in any of our school events during the day, help with chaperoning, or volunteer, we strongly encourage you to complete these two processes sooner rather than later.

Walk a Thon

It is time for our annual Walk-a-thon! Once again, we will be walking at Hungry Horse Campgrounds with friends from our sister schools; St. Stanislaus and St. Mary's Visitation.

This is our major fundraiser for the school. Best practice for quality Catholic Schools operation uses a roughly 1/3-1/3-1/3 funding formula. 1/3 of our funding comes from tuition payments, 1/3 of our funding comes from parish support, and the final 1/3 comes from donations and giving. This means that when your family and friends support the Walk-a-thon they are helping us to engage in best practices. Maintaining the 1/3-1/3-1/3 balance means that we can continue to keep tuition costs down because we are not solely relying on our families to fund the school.

Parents and family members are welcome to join us. You must complete a Criminal Background Check and Virtus training. Please leave pets at home.


Noon-Board bus to Hungry Horse

12:15 Get organized at Hungry Horse

12:30 Start walking

2:00 stop walking and have snack-Students are to stay OFF of the playground.

2:30 Parents may pick up students-Parents, please sign out your child with your child's teacher. We need to know how each child is getting home. There is no bus returning to school.

Permission Slips: Kindergarten-Sixth Grade-Please be sure you have signed your child's permission to ride the bus to Hungry Horse. Go to Family Portal>>Web Forms>>Walkathon 2022

Snacks: Please use sign up genius to help provide healthy snacks for our students and those that walk with them.

Blessing of the Pets

On Tuesday, October 4 we will celebrate the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi with a Blessing of the Pets! Pets may be brought to the school parking lot at 3 pm for a blessing by Fr. Evelio. If you can't bring your pet, you can bring a photo or a drawing of your pet. We will be happy to see them in any form!

We will have the blessing over in front of the Church.

Help Needed

It may not be quite October, but it is time to start planning for Santa's Secret Shop. We work with Religious Ed, so the coordinator has a built-in support system. We do need someone new who will lead the school side of Santa's Secret Shop. Santa's Secret Shop is scheduled for December 13-15. The coordinator works with a team of Santa's elves to set up shop, arrange for volunteers to be present during shopping, wrap gifts, and pack up at the end.

Volunteers Needed

  • LCAB Members
  • Santa's Secret Shop (We will help you get started!)

All school volunteers are required to be Virtus trained (available online) and have a current criminal background check. You may complete the Virtus training at>>First Time Registrant.

Criminal background check (iChat) forms can be found here and may be turned in at the office.

Upcoming Events

Friday, September 23

MAP Testing Window Ends

St. Therese Novena, Day 4

Monday, September 26

St. Therese Novena, Day 5

Tuesday, September 27

2 pm -3 pm Adoration

St. Therese Novena, Day 6

Wednesday, September 28

4-8 pm Conferences-Sign up for time here!

St. Therese Novena, Day 7

Thursday, September 29

1/2 Day of School, 11:45 Dismissal

Noon-4 pm Conferences-Sign up for time here!

St. Therese Novena, Day 8

Friday, September 30


St. Therese Novena, Day 9

Orchestra- Instrument Orders due

Gala Dinner honoring Deacon Jeff and Deacon Mark (All are invited! RSVP at the Church office)

Saturday, October 1

10 am Mass for Feast of St. Therese

Sunday, October 2

10:30 am Mass with Bishop Bradley

Grades 2-6 sing with the Church Choir (Please wear uniforms!)

Tuesday, October 4

3-3:30 Blessing of the Pets

Lunch Menu

You can check the Wayland Union Schools website for updates. Since we do not receive lunch from Wayland on Wednesdays, we will again be offering pizza lunch on Wednesdays. Forms are located in the family portal under web forms.

August/September Lunch Menu

2022-23 Free and Reduced School Meals Application