8. Solve word problems involving quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, using $ and ¢ symbols appropriately.

  • Communication and collaboration
  • Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making
  • Technology operations, and concepts

Objective: Making sure students know how much a quarter, nickel, dime, penny, and dollar means. understanding amounts needed to purchase items.


The activity will take an hour and twenty minutes to complete.

The software (Sheppard Software) is free and can be brought up online.

The children will be paired into two. they will complete the computer software as a group as well.

Worksheet for the five questions will be provided.

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Ongoing assessment:

  • Assist the children on the computer to make sure they are completing the assignment correctly, and are affective.


  • For the deaf and blind children, it will be figuring out how to incorporate Brielle boards

Back Up Plan:

  • It will be more than five questions on the worksheets.


Software is effective for the children.

Create a rubric for the software.

Setting new goals.

Add more question to the worksheet as well with dollar amounts.