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Can you believe it is already November?! It is crazy how fast the school year is moving along. We had several cool events to end the month of October. Our counselors, Ms. Doyle and Ms. Kilgore, did an excellent job partnering with iCare to plan a great Red Ribbon Week. I am very proud of the students and how they handled themselves at the in-school basketball game and on our dress-up days. They also did a great job on Halloween following expectations and making it a fun day on Main Street!

We had our 2nd Annual Turnaround Breakfast this past Saturday morning. We were able to celebrate our students who have "turned it around" either academically or behaviorally this school year. This is one of my favorite events that we do the whole year! I loved seeing those students get to celebrate with their families.

Please check out the newsletter below for information on past weeks, future events, and celebrations of staff and students! We have Winter Wonderland coming up very soon! Make sure you check out the flier below!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out!

Be R.E.A.L., not perfect!-

Dr. Tobi Kilgore--

Turnaround Breakfast

HMMS November Dates

  • November 10th: Progress Report #2

  • November 22nd-24th: Thanksgiving Break

Winter Wonderland is Almost Here!!

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Winter Formal, Why Not?!

Below is the date for our Winter Formal this year! More information to come soon! Below is the criteria for attending, but it will be open to ALL grade levels!

  • Be passing all classes at the time of the event.

  • Have no level 2 or higher discipline issues during the 9 weeks of the event.

  • Have less than 3 unexcused absences during the 9 weeks of the event.

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HMMS Fan Shop

Check this out for some Christmas shopping, all items shipped to your house!

Tutoring and Night Supplemental Program

Our tutoring program and Night Supplemental Program has kicked off! If you would like to get your kid involved in these programs please contact

There is an opportunity to build ELA/Math Skills, make-up work, make-up lost instructional time due to absences, and get additional support in any of your HMMS classes!

Check out this flier for more information-

Saturday Opportunity School

We will be hosting a Saturday Opportunity School on December 2nd. Students will be recommend to attend this event to make-up work or receive tutoring assistance if they are struggling in class. If you would like your student to attend please contact This will also be an opportunity to make up time-for-time for absences like we offer in our Night Supplemental Program.

Check out these pictures from Red Ribbon Week!!

Check out the learning going on at 435 Main Street.....

Epperson's Sports Networking Program- the REAL ESPN- HMMS Home Basketball Schedule

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the REAL ESPN Spotlight

Congrats to our All District Football Players!! We are super proud of these student-athletes and how they represented HMMS this past season!

Parker Holloway, Evan Potts, Isaiah Sutton (Chris Muncey not pictured)

Counseling Corner

Thank you to everyone who participated in Red Ribbon Week! Our students and staff had a great week of completing activities to become more drug aware to understand the importance of being drug free!

November 13th is World Kindness Day- wear your kindess t-shirts if you got em!

Nurse's Notes from Nurse Christy

Sick season is just around the corner, so here are a few tips for helping us stay strong and healthy. Please make sure that your student is having a good breakfast and lunch everyday. Send a refillable water bottle so that they can stay hydrated throughout the day. Hard candy is an easy way to soothe itchy throats. Toss some hand sanitizer in backpacks for easy hand hygiene. A steady sleep schedule can help fight off illness, so stick with routine as much as possible. Remember that a true fever is anything over 100.3 and students should be fever free for 24 hrs to be in school. Also, if your student is actively vomiting please keep them home as well. If you wish for your student to have medication to keep at school, an adult must bring a new unopened bottle and sign the appropriate forms. Students may not carry medication of any type with them. Here's to a healthy fall!

Some Teacher Positive Referrals!


Check out this student being REAL!!
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We want our school to be a family first atmosphere and we will define family as the acronym- Forget About Me I Love You. We want our students to learn to serve others and this will also align to our core values.

Shout out to our October FAM1LY Members of the Month and our October Sneaky Devil! Mr. Kear and Ms. Hickman were voted as the FAM1LY Members of the Month and Mr. Lincoln is our Sneaky Devil! We are very lucky to have these folks working with our students everyday!


A shrimp's heart is in its head.


Why did Timmy eat his homework? He didn't have a dog.....

HMMS Course Catalog

Please follow the link to see the course descriptions of classes offered at HMMS!

Please Review w/ Your Student- Student Handbook


Please review the links below with your student. The links contain our HMMS Student Handbook and the HMMS Student Expectation Presentation. These have been sent home with a form to review, sign, and return to your student's homeroom teacher. Big items that are included- Fighting/Vaping Consequences, Cell Phone Policy, Dress Code, and No Outside Food or Drink Deliveries to Students.

HMMS Student Handbook (you can also follow the QR Code in the image)-

HMMS Student Expectation Presentation-