Religious Aspects

A study of the Quinceanera


The Quinceanera is important to girls of hispanic heritage because, in their culture, it signifies God's blessing of her transition of a girl to a woman at the age of 15. The ceremony is typically held in a church like the one below and often requires a priest to bless this transition.
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How it all Started

The Quinceanera's origin is heavily disputed but it's believed to get its start from the Ancient Aztecs. At the time, however, it was also a ceremony for boys as well. Age fifteen in the Aztec's view made you an adult. As an adult male, you were now a warrior and could choose a wife. As a an adult female, you were officially a woman and the King or high priest would assist you in learning about how adult life worked. It wasn't until the Spaniards colonized the Americas that the religious part of the Quinceanera began. The priests of Spain, noticing the way that the natives had ceremonies for their children, began to input their own religious beliefs into it in order to convert the populace. And thus, the Quinceanera was born.
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