Leib Lights Family Newsletter

January 2022

Hello Leib Families,

Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope you were able to find time to spend with loved ones. As my own children get older, I am reminded of how quickly time goes. I have learned to cherish family time even more than ever before. I am looking forward to seeing our students return to Leib on Monday, January 3.

January 3 will be a White out! Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to wear white as we welcome in 2022! ❅

Did you know we have a new PROUD Student Council consisting of several Fifth Grade students? The students met with advisors, Ms. Berger and Mrs. Stormes, in December to plan several Spirit Days. Be sure to check out the January calendar (below) for these dates.

Buddy, our elf, was eagerly found each morning during the month of December. I was so excited to share in our children's excitement each day. Check out some of the fun Buddy had this season at Leib. (Click link.)

Our top Read-a-Thon prize was for two students to be Principal for the Day. Miss Maya DePatto and Mr. Wyatt Markle did a FANTASTIC job taking the lead. When I asked them what their favorite part of the day was, both students shared walking around the building seeing all the kids and teachers. I would have to agree! Check out the pictures in our monthly slideshow.

During the month of January, student middle of year data will be analyzed to identify areas of growth as well as areas of needed improvement. The Intervention Team and classroom teachers have been meeting with all students to complete Winter Benchmark screening for Reading. This data will be analyzed to identify students who may need extra support with specific reading and math skills. We celebrate the growth our students are making during the 21-22 School Year.

Take a few moments to enjoy our December 2021 Slideshow.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year,

Mrs. Jody L. Wickenheiser


School Board Meeting Information

The Dover Area School Board of Directors has called a special meeting scheduled for January 3, 2022, at 7:00 pm. The purpose of the meeting is to adjust one component of the Health and Safety Plan: contact tracing and quarantining procedures. Face coverings remain optional for staff and students on Dover Area School District property.Masks will still be required on district transportation in compliance with federal CDC mandates regarding public transportation. A draft copy of the proposed Health and Safety Plan is attached. The meeting will be held in the board room located in the Dover Area School District Administration Office located at 101 Edgeway Road, Dover, PA 17315 or live streamed via https://www.doversd.org/live-stream/.

Tech Bytes

Be creative with the iPad! The iPad can be a powerful tool for fostering creativity in a child. At Dover Area School District, our elementary students have a variety of apps available in which they can bring their own ideas to life! Sit with your child and see which of these apps they already have on their iPad. Many students already know how to go to the Manager (the district app store) to download these apps to their iPads. Ask them to teach you all that they know! It is AMAZING!
Coding: Code Karts, codeSpark, Code Kingdom, Kodable, Scratch Jr., Tynker, and Tynker Jr.
Art: Canva, Flipaclip (Animation), Joy Doodle, Sketchbook, Stop Motion Studio (Animation), and Tayasui Sketches School
Video: Chatterkid, Clips, iMovie
Music: Garage Band (Use caution here! Songs that are created can take up a lot of storage space and may need to be deleted for classroom apps to be used)

PTO News

Our Read-a-thon Fundraiser was a huge success! Thank you to our families and students for their participation. See below for our top winners and some pictures of the culminating event.

The Book Vending Machine is coming! Due to supply issues, delivery was delayed to mid-January.

Thank you to our families for supporting our Moe’s fundraiser in December.

The next PTO meeting is Tuesday, January 25 at 6:30 pm in the Leib Cafeteria. Our Superintendent, Kelly Cartwright, will be in attendance. Please consider joining us.
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PROUD Student Council

Our PROUD Council has started! In late November, 5th graders ran election campaigns to be part of our PROUD Council. Two students were elected from each homeroom and had their first meeting in December. Our council is made up of Maddy, Natalie, Gavin, Hailey, Leandra, Emma. Our PROUD advisors are Ms. Berger and Mrs. Stormes. During the first meeting, students shared ideas for upcoming theme days, school wide rewards and supplies for recess. In upcoming months, the council will be sharing their ideas that they would like to see implemented in our school! We can't wait to see what our PROUD council will do!

Meet Leib's Budding Artist

Leib 3rd grader and budding artist, Brody Werner, is highlighted in the following York Dispatch article. We are so very PROUD of Brody for sharing his artistic talents with others. Inspired by Pollock, Dover third grader creates on the canvas


The PBIS committee has been working hard to plan our next school-wide PROUD Reward on Friday, January 28, 2022. The students will earn a Glow Party as the Reward. Students will receive glow bracelets and enjoy dancing under special Black Lights. There will also be Glow Painting with the use of Black Lights, a special story, and snack. This is sure to be a highlight of the year!


This year's Envirothon teams met for the first time in the middle of December, and the excitement was very much evident in our teams of 10 third and fourth graders and 12 fifth graders. Envirothon is the largest environmental education competition in the world, and York County is one of the few places in North America to offer competitions beginning in third grade. From now until the beginning of May, students will practice weekly and have work to do at home to learn more in the areas of aquatics, wildlife and forestry. Fifth grade students will also learn about outdoor survival skills. Then in May, our teams will head to John Rudy County Park to participate in this year's competition. We look forward to sharing our journey of what we are learning over the next few months! Special thanks to Mr. Murphy and Mr. Rost for being Leib's Envirothon coaches.

Spelling Bee

Matching, circus, scuffle, contorted, and convictions were the words that made champions out of our 1st-5th graders, respectively, this year. In early December, classroom representatives did an outstanding job participating in grade level Spelling Bees during two exciting days of competition. Congratulations to our champions: Miranda (1st Grade), Marisa (2nd Grade), Luca (3rd Grade), Giovanni (4th Grade) and Leandra (5th Grade). Our 4th and 5th Grade Champions have the opportunity to participate in the WITF Central PA Spelling Bee in January. A huge thank you goes out to our PTO for sponsoring this event by providing the registration fees, certificates and medals for our students. Thank you to Mrs. Hulihan who managed the Zoom link so families could watch this year's competition. Mr. Murphy is instrumental in organizing this special event for our students.

Art Studio News

In art class, we have just wrapped up a flurry of winter themed projects and our ceramics projects. We have many amazing projects working their way through the kiln. Glazing and painting of the ceramics projects will begin in January. The projects will make another trip to the kiln before they are complete! In 5th Grade Art Club, we are working on making paper-mache crayons to hang around our school. We are looking forward to starting a mural in the second semester. Be sure to check your child's Artsonia account to see what they have completed already this year. Our artists have been very busy!

Kindergarten News

In Kindergarten, our learning activities in December surrounded festive themes such as: Reindeer, Gingerbread and The Polar Express. We are so PROUD of how we are becoming independent readers and writers as we continue learning our sight words and begin tapping and blending CVC words! Our classroom holiday parties were Polar Express themed topped with delicious hot cocoa. Yum!

First Grade News

Hello from 1st grade! We have been busy practicing our math facts using our new program, Spring Math. The students are doing a wonderful job! They are continuing to learn about the phonics skills digraphs, bonus lettters, and the suffix -s. Story structure, author's purpose, and text features such as "zoom in pictures" and labels are being discussed to help with reading comprehension. We have also been learning about holidays around the world. It's been a busy month!

Second Grade News

Greetings from second grade! Our kids have been working hard on their phonemic awareness skills during daily Heggerty lessons. Ask your child to "chop" a word for you! They have also been busy building new words with suffixes using their magnet tiles. In ELA we have worked really hard learning about homophones, proper nouns, drawing conclusions, and new story vocabulary. In Math we finished Unit 3 on subtraction strategies and we have begun to work on Unit 4. We have been learning about telling time to the hour, half hour, and to the nearest 5 minutes. In addition, we have been using A.M. and P.M to tell time. Next, our second graders will explore place-value and expanded form to read, represent, and compare 3-digit numbers. To end the unit we will learn about measurement using inches and centimeters. This is a great opportunity for at home learning to practice telling time on an analog clock and practice measuring with a ruler or a tape measure.

Third Grade News

In January, third graders will learn about area and perimeter, attributes of 2-D shapes, graphs including line plots, and fractions. Students will continue to work on constructed responses in preparation for the PSSAs in May. Please continue to practice multiplication facts with your child each night. In social studies, students will begin their study of Pennsylvania. We will explore many different aspect of Pennsylvania. In ELA, we are working on reviewing content we have learned all year such as summarizing texts, finding evidence to answer comprehension questions, using context clues, grammar skills, and figurative language by reading passages about holidays around the world. In science, the students will begin learning about different forms of energy. Some of the forms of energy we will be learning about are heat, light, potential, kinetic, and sound.

Fourth Grade News

In Science, students have continued their study of Earth by learning about water, watersheds, wetlands and weather this past month. Students classified fresh water systems as lentic (still water) or lotic (moving water) and reviewed the steps of the water cycle. We also learned about different types of clouds and tools meteorologists use to study weather. By using charts, graphs and watching local weather forecasts, students are practicing making predictions about weather. January brings a short study of space including motions of Earth and the moon before beginning our Physical Science unit by learning about matter.

4th Graders spent the month of December learning about the Southeastern United States in Social Studies. In this unit, we identified the states and capitals of the region and focused on natural resources and products of these states examining how geography and landforms have an impact on them. Our next unit of study will be the Southwestern U.S.

In ELA, students continue to do a phenomenal job of citing evidence within any text when supporting answers to analytical questions. We worked collaboratively with our small groups in each ELA Block as students practiced a Play (Script) that they chose for Reader's Theater. Reader's Theater is a strategy we used this month that combined reading practice with performance. The goal was to enhance students' reading skills and their confidence by having them practice reading with a purpose. Their "Play" choice gave the students a real reason to read aloud. "Break a leg!" Figuratively speaking, they did indeed!!

In Math, students tackled Unit 3 which was full of fractions and decimals. They learned multiple strategies to solve problems involving fractions and decimals.

Fifth Grade News

In ELA class we have finished our Study Island and Acadience benchmark assessments. In January, we will complete our Exact Path benchmark. We will also continue to focus on text that have animals as our main focus. Upon return from our holiday break we will read a favorite, Old Yeller.

In math, we finished our first unit on fractions and completed our Study Island benchmark. When we return after the break, we will begin our fourth unit, which involves decimal concepts and coordinate grids. We will also complete our Exact Path benchmarks.

In science class we learned how scientists classify living things. We made dichotomous keys, learned the scientific names of animals, memorized the eight levels of classification and did many fun activities. One of our highlights in science was our film canister rocket experiment! We used different size Alka Seltzer tablets to determine which canister flew the highest by timing how long it was in the air. The kids had a blast.