By: Avion Temple


The Main products grown in China are rice, wheat, pototoes, corn, peanuts, tea, millet, barley

Eating Customs

Among family, friends, and business associates, eating is an important way of socializing and building relationships in China. The Chinese use chopsticks for all meals. Food is placed at the center of the table and may include more than one type of main dish to be eaten with rice. A small tray is offered for every diner, and diners can put food in their rice bowls or on these trays. When finished, a person places the chopsticks neatly on the table, not in the rice bowl. Spoons are used for soup, typically eaten at the end of a meal. In some areas, slurping is not considered impolite; in informal situations, it is a compliment to the host.

New Year's Celebration

Families gather and eat sweet rice dumplings. On Chinese New Year's Eve, families have a big dinner and children receive money in a red envelope. Those who were born in a year with the same animal as that year receive red presents to bring them good luck.